About LogicMonitor

Browsers Supported by LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor is tested with the browsers listed below. Older browsers or other browsers can still be used, but features may not look or work as intended. We recommend that you always use the current version of a browser. Most browsers provide an option for automatic updates.

Browsers supported by LogicMonitor (listed in order of preference):

  1. Google Chrome: latest two versions
  2. Mozilla Firefox: latest two versions
  3. Apple Safari: latest two versions
  4. Microsoft Edge: latest version only
  5. Microsoft Internet Explorer (support will be discontinued in October 2019): Due to front-end compatibility issues, security risks, and maintenance costs, LogicMonitor's support for Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft's final version of this browser, will be discontinued upon the rollout of LogicMonitor's new UI. As discussed in LogicMonitor's New User Interface, the first phase of the new UI rollout is targeted for October 2019.