About LogicMonitor

Collectors or Agents?

LogicMonitor does not require agents on every monitored host, nor do we expect you to open your hosts and infrastructure to our servers for data collection.

You install a Collector service on a host inside your datacenter that retrieves data from all the hosts assigned to it. The Collector encrypts the data and sends it back to the LogicMonitor servers over an outgoing SSL connection.

You can have as many or as few Collectors as you want. If you want, you can treat a Collector as an agent and put one on every server. Or, you can have one Collector responsible for an entire datacenter, optionally adding a failover Collector to take over in the event of trouble.

LogicMonitor Collectors are not agents.  We give you the flexibility to deploy your monitoring your way, without constraining you to an agent-based or agentless paradigm.