About LogicMonitor

Data Retention

With our granular storage engine, we store every sample of your time-series data for the term defined in your service agreement (3 months to 2+ years), subject to the other data retention schedules below.  

LogicMonitor runs under the assumption that higher data resolution helps when actively involved in the forensic analysis of an issue. After that, long term trends are more useful.  As such, data is aggregated in widgets and graphs to avoid choppy overwhelming graphs.  You can, however, zoom in to see granular historical data where desired.  

Note that granular data is not available for time periods prior to when our granular data storage engine was enabled.  For most customers, this storage engine was enabled sometime during the months of January and February 2016.  Prior to this time period, data is aggregated as follows:

  • Every stored sample (down to 1 minute resolution) is kept for 5 hours. (Note that the stored sample may be subject to interpolation, to align it with per-minute time slots.)
  • Data with 8 minute resolution, with the min, max and average samples for every 8 minute period is available for one week.
  • Data with 3 hour resolution with the min, max and average samples for every 3 hour period is available for one month.
  • Data with 12 hour resolution with the min, max and average samples for every 12 hour period is available for one year.

Other data retention schedules

  • Entries in the Audit Log are equivalent to the alert retention (history) specified in your LogicMonitor package.
  • Collector event history is stored for 7 days.
  • The history of a deleted instance is kept for 30 days. If the instance is rediscovered or added again during that period, the history is available.
  • Event alert history is kept for 30 days, subject to a rolling maximum of 51,200 events per account.
  • No history is kept for a host once the resource is deleted.
  • No history is kept for a DataSource on a resource when that datasource is no longer associated with the resource.
  • Alert history is kept for the same retention period as the time series data retention of your plan (30 days to 2+ years, depending on your plan.)