Configuring Update ServiceNow CI or Asset Action

Last updated on 18 August, 2023

Processes in LM Dexda, manual or automatic, involve a set of actions to accomplish a goal. The Update ServiceNow CI or Asset action described here is a preconfigured action used to update a CMDB CI or Asset record held in ServiceNow. It is used for example to populate event-driven status fields in ServiceNow.

An action group is a sequence of individual actions that are executed in order. For more information about the concept of action groups, see About Actions and Action Groups.

Configuration Parameters

The following describes configuration parameters available when creating action groups that involves the Update ServiceNow CI or Asset action. For general information on how to work with action groups, see Creating Action Groups.

Settings Tab

The following table describes configuration parameters on the Settings tab.

Run ActionThe action to run (Update ServiceNow CI or Asset).
Only WhenOnly run the current step if specific conditions are met.
Stop WhenStop the entire sequence if any of the specified conditions are met.
Stop IfDescribes the conditions under which the Action Group flow should be stopped. Multiple conditions can be selected.
– SNC CMDB entry updated: the action successfully updated the CMDB CI or asset record.
– SNC CMDB entry unknown: the contents of the specified SncCiClassField or SncSysIdField fields is empty.
– SNC CMDB entry does not exist:
— Action Skipped: the action did not run because the filter was not matched to the input record.
— Action Failed: the action failed to complete successfully.
FilterCondition that describes whether the action should run.

Mappings Tab

Select a mapping field from the action’s record and add the value to set. For descriptions of available configuration parameters, see About Filters.

Advanced Tab

The following table describes configuration parameters on the Advanced tab.

RetriesThe maximum number of times this action will be retried, if there is a failure to connect or get a valid response from ServiceNow. Default is 5 tries.
RetryBackoffTime (in seconds) used to create an exponential backoff between retry attempts.
The backoff is calculated with (2^attempts * retryBackOff) where attempts starts at 0 and the default RetryBackoff is 30. In combination with the default Retries (5), this yields delays of 30, 60, 120 and 240 seconds between retries.
TimeoutThe overall time limit (in seconds) for entire connection/request/read/close.
ConnectTimeoutThe time limit (in seconds) for connecting to the ServiceNow instance.
ReadTimeoutThe time limit (in seconds) for receiving data from ServiceNow in response to an API request.
UseReturnValues When enabled, LM Dexda will request ServiceNow to return (human readable) display values in its API response rather than returning the stored values. Default is disabled.
Note: Within an Action Group, if the “Store Enrichment data” action is called after “Update ServiceNow CI or Asset” to store the API response data, the UseReturnValues should be set to true.
SncCiClassFieldThe LM Dexda field that holds the CI class of the asset to update.
SncSysIdFieldThe LM Dexda field that holds the sysid of the asset to update.
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