Dashboards and Widgets

Who can see and edit dashboards?

Who can view and manage Dashboards is configured via LogicMonitor's Role Based Access Controls.

Editing User Permissions

Editing User Permissions

To set user permssions, go to Settings | Roles.  Select the role you wish to edit or create a new role.

The 'Allowed to create private dashboards' option is selected by default, this gives users the ability to add and edit their private dashboard.  To limit users to only be able to view dashboards shared with them, uncheck this option.

Manage:  can add / view / delete / edit associated dashboards and widgets.

View:  can view the dashboard group or specific dashboard.

Note:  Dashboard content is determined by the view device permissions.  If a user has access to a dashboard but does not have access to the specific device presented in a widget, the widget will display no data.  

To make device data available to a user without giving access to view the entire device, assign view device permissions in the role and de-select the View Device tab option in the user configuration.