Controlling which Collector monitors a device

When you add a device manually, part of the process includes selecting which collector should monitor that device. When you discover devices via a netscan policy, the collector that discovered the device will be assigned to monitor it.

Any time a device is assigned to a collector, either when the device is added or when the collector is changed manually, the assigned collector will become the Preferred Collector.


How do I change the Preferred Collector?

  • for a single device... change the preferred collector from the device manage dialog.
  • for multiple devices in a group... change the preferred collector for one or more devices in a normal group from the device group manage dialog.
  • for all devices managed by a collector... select the Devices icon for the collector monitoring the devices, select the checkboxes next to the desired devices and then select 'Change Preferred Collector'
How do I change the Preferred Collector?