Managing Group Details

Use the manage button for a device group to edit group details, such as parent group, member devices or custom query for a dynamic group.




The name of the group will be displayed in the tree and used for dashboards, reports, and alerting.  If you have groups of a similar nature that you may want to reference in the same graphs or reports, it is recommended that you use a similar group prefix to take advantage of glob support throughout the application.


The device description will display in the device header.  The device search functionality will also search device descriptions.

Enable alerts

By default, alerts are enabled.  If you wish to collect data but not generate alerts, uncheck the enable alerts checkbox.

Auto assign devices

Devices can dynamically be assigned to a group based on device type, other device groups, or a custom query.  If auto assign is selected, devices cannot be manually added to the group.

Parent group

A parent group must be assigned.  The account name (root) is the default.

Devices and Collector

Manually assign devices to a group if auto assign was not selected.  The collector monitoring the device will also display.


Assign properties to a device for credentials, authentication purposes, or custom information for alerting or reporting.