Forecasting FAQ

Can I forecast data directly from a dashboard?

Yes.  Forecasting is available from any instance level graph or dashboard widget.


Can I alert on forecasted data?

Not at this time.  With our commitment to never deliver false alerts and to provide actionable intelligence, we are evaluating the most useful means to do so.


Is there a way to evaluate multiple datapoints at once, or in relation to each other?

Enhancements scheduled for this year will bring you the ability to forecast the amount of time remaining until a group of datapoints will go into alert.  This will be accessible via a Dashboard widget and a report.


Why doesn't LogicMonitor offer forecasted data for more than three months in the future?

In the initial forecasting release we wanted to remain conservative to ensure that forecasted data is as accurate as possible.  We may extend this functionality in the future to allow you to forecast data for more than three months.