LogicMonitor offers a wide array of in-app support resources that can be accessed via the Support Dialog. The Support Dialog can be opened from anywhere in the platform by clicking the following icon, available in the top right of the platform’s header as well as in the top right of all configuration dialogs: 

What happens when I click Support? 

Once you click Support, the Support Dialog will display on the righthand side of the screen. We will auto-display relevant support documentation based on your location in the UI. For instance, if you are in the Settings | Collectors page and click “Support” we will display suggested content for Collectors: 

In addition to these suggested resources, you can make your own query using the search bar at the top of the dialog. Your query will return all relevant content available on our support site in the respective Support Docs and Dev Guides tabs. 

If you would like to access more support resources, the “Community Forums” and “Release Notes” buttons at the bottom of the dialog will take you to these respective sites, as well. Read more about the “Contact Support” section below. 

How do I view the support article?

 Users have two option for viewing support documentation: 

  1. Reading the document in-app: simply clicking on any of the article previews will render the article in the support dialog. This is ideal for viewing support content and the LogicMonitor platform in a single, side-by-side screen: 

  2. Alternatively, if you wish to view the article on the support site. You may do so by either clicking the icon on the right hand side of the article preview OR by clicking the blue highlighted title in the article’s full view.


What if I want to directly contact LogicMonitor?

The Support Dialog centralizes all communication methods with the LogicMonitor team under a “Contact Support” button. Clicking this button will display the following options: 

  1. Chat with an Engineer: opens a new chat box which enables you to speak in real-time with our Support Engineers. 
  2. Submit a Support Ticket: this will populate the Support Dialog with a ticket window in which you can describe the issues you are experiencing. The ticket will be sent to a member of the LogicMonitor Support Team. 
  3. Feedback: we want to hear your thoughts about the product! The Feedback option allows you to share your thoughts/suggestions about the platform.

Is there a way to preserve my view in the Support Dialog?


Yes! If you are using the Support Dialog, but need to briefly return to your task, you can simply minimize the Support Dialog using (-) button in the top right hand corner. Once minimized, simply click the support icon again, and the dialog will re-open with your preserved view. Please note that your view will not be preserved if you change tabs within the platform (ie. go from the Resources page to the Settings page).

How can I view my existing Support Tickets?

You can manage open Support tickets from the Connect with Us section on the main support site

You’ll be prompted with three options for logging in. 

Forgot My Password – This is for people who have previously registered and forgot their password.
New to LogicMonitor? Sign up – This is for people who have never created a ticket with us and want to create a new support account for doing so.
Have you emailed us? Get a password – This is the option they will want to use if they have previously created tickets either through the form from the support page, initiated a chat with us, or created a ticket from within their account.

If you have never performed this step before, you’ll want to select “Have you emailed us? Get a password”.

Next, register using the email address previously used to initiate chats or opened up tickets from within your portal.

Finally, click Submit. A link will be emailed to this address to finalize the setup process, where you can create a password for the account and sign in. Existing and open tickets will be listed under My Activities.

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