Installing LogicModules and Packages

LogicMonitor continuously expands monitoring capabilities with the release of new LogicModules and packages. 

Note: The Module Store and Module Toolbox is available as part of LM Exchange (Beta). For more information, see LM Exchange (Beta) Overview.

LogicModules are designed to automatically associate with relevant resources and automatically begin monitoring activities. When you install a module or package that is not currently installed locally, resources will be queried, data will be collected, and alerts will potentially be generated if alert conditions are pre-defined for the LogicModule.  

To import a new LogicModule:

1. Navigate to Exchange (Beta) > Module Store.

2. Locate the LogicModule or package that you want to import.

3. Click Install to initiate import of the new module or package.

Note: Installing a package will import all the modules that are part of the package. If you don’t want to install all package members, you can view the contents of the package and install individual modules.

4. When the import completes, the LogicModule’s status will change to “Installed” and the LogicModule becomes available for management from the Module Toolbox.