Azure Redis Cache

Last updated on 10 August, 2020

LogicMonitor currently has one DataSource for monitoring Azure Redis Cache:

  1. Microsoft_Azure_RedisCache – collects performance data for Azure Redis Cache resources


Source: Azure Monitor (formerly Insights) API


  • CacheHits
  • CacheMisses
  • CacheRead
  • CacheWrite
  • ConnectedClients
  • CPU
  • EvictedKeys
  • ExpiredKeys
  • GetCommands
  • ServerLoad
  • SetCommands
  • TotalCommandsProcessed
  • TotalKeys
  • UsedMemory
  • UsedMemoryRss

Default Polling Interval: 1 minute

Additional Configuration Necessary: No.  This datasource will automatically apply to the Redis Cache resources discovered for your Azure account and start collecting data.

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