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Azure SQL Databases

LogicMonitor currently has the following DataSources for monitoring Azure SQL database performance metrics:

  1. Microsoft_Azure_SQLDatabase – collects performance data for Azure SQL databases
  2. Azure_SQLServer_JDBC – polls Azure SQL Database from a Collector installed within an Azure virtual network


Source: Azure Insights API


  • BlockedByFireWall
  • ConnectionFailed
  • ConnectionSuccessful
  • CPUPercent
  • DTUConsumptionPercent
  • DTULimit
  • DTUUsed
  • LogWritePercent
  • PhysicalDataReadPercent
  • SessionsPercent
  • Storage
  • StoragePercent
  • WorkersPercent
  • XTPStoragePercent

Default Polling Interval: 1minute

Additional Configuration Necessary?: No.  This DataSource will automatically apply to all SQL Databases discovered for your Azure account & start collecting data.


This DataSource is compatible with both a SQL Server on an Azure VM or an Azure SQL Database.


  • system.category on the device must be set to "azure-sql".
  • Specify the Collector in the Azure SQL instance Manage settings.

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