AppliesTo Functions

AppliesTo Functions can be called by DataSources, applied to dynamic group queries, and can help centralize DataSource configuration.  For example, if you had 3 separate DataSources that you wished to apply to all devices that are in two specific groups, you could define an AppliesTo function FrontEnds to express that:

contains(system.groups, "Front End Tier1") || contains(system.groups, "Front End Tier2")

Then, you could have the  DataSources call the function in their AppliesTo field like this: FrontEnds() .  If you wished to apply the DataSource to a third group, you could simply edit the function, rather than editing the 3 separate DataSources.

AppliesTo Functions are managed from Settings | LogicModules | AppliesTo Functions:

Adding a new AppliesTo function

You can add a new AppliesTo function by selecting Add | Function:


Add a descriptive name for your new AppliesTo Function


Identify the purpose and scope of this particular AppliesTo Function


An LMS (LogicMonitor Scripting Language) string that defines the function's query.

EX. isLinux() && system.sysinfo !~ "Remote Access Controller" && (system.sysinfo !~ "Powerfile Active Archive Appliance") | | hasCategory("AIX") | | sysinfo =~ "SunOS" | | system.sysinfo =~ "FreeBSD" | | isWindows() | | system.sysinfo =~ "Darwin Kernel"

Viewing / editing an existing AppliesTo Function

Select an existing function from the navigation pane to display its definition, for editing or review: