Managing ConfigSources

From Settings | ConfigSources, you can search, add, edit, and create ConfigSources. Each ConfigSource has a definition that tells the LogicMonitor Collector how to SSH into a device, collect a config file, and when an alert should be triggered.

View and Search

The ConfigSource navigation pane in Settings | LogicModules | ConfigSources displays all ConfigSource groups.  To view the definition for a particular ConfigSource, you can either manually find it or you use the search bar (finding ConfigSources is made easier by including search keywords in your ConfigSources' definitions).  Once you select the desired ConfigSource, its definition will be displayed in the right hand side detail of the navigation pane:


Your LogicMonitor account comes pre-configured with a repository of ConfigSources.  You can add to this library by:

  1. Creating a ConfigSource
  2. Importing ConfigSources from LogicMonitor's repository
  3. Importing custom ConfigSources using an XML file


You can edit the selected ConfigSource definitions as desired. However, note that:

  1. You can not change whether the ConfigSource is multi-instance once it has been created.
  2. Best practices dictate you should clone your ConfigSource before making major changes. To do this, simply select "Clone," located at the bottom of the ConfigSource definition.

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