Module Filtering

Last updated on 17 November, 2022

By default, the modules list displays all the modules you have installed in My Module Toolbox. The filtering options allow you to search by module type, module status, update status, author, and by group.

Module Filtering Options

These filtering options are available in My Module Toolbox and Exchange:

Filter OptionDescription
Filter Modules Use the search bar to filter the list of modules based on keywords in the module’s description.

Saved ViewsAfter filtering the table for the modules you want to find, you can save the set of filters as view to run again later. Once saved, the View appears in the toolbar.

LogicModule TypeClick the icons to find modules based on their type. By default, the Module Toolbox displays All module types. For more information, see LogicModule Overview.

PackageLocated in Exchange only, this option allows you to search for module packages.

Add FilterSelect the Add Filter icon to display a list of filtering options. For more information, see Add Filter.

Add Filter

Add Filter provides filtering options based on parameters of the module or package. The Add Filter options in My Modules Toolbox are different from the ones in Exchange.

Add FilterOptions
My Module Toolbox

Add Filter Options

CustomizedDisplays the modules you have installed that have uncommitted changes.
Skipped UpdatesDisplays the modules where you skipped a previous update. This allows you to review the list of modules and update them to the latest available version.
AuthorFilter for modules created by This account or All
GroupFilter for modules that have been added to a group.
StatusFilter for modules based on their status: Outdated or Downgrade. The default is All.
SupportFilter for modules based on the types of support offered, which can be Community, Deprecated, or Official. Community and deprecated LogicModules do not qualify for technical support. 
TagsFilter for modules based on the tags that have been assigned to them. You can search for the tags, select to add the tags to the filter, or select all. The default is All.
VisibilityFilter for modules and packages that are Private or Public. Private modules are hidden from other users and only available on your account portal. Public modules will include all modules available to the community.
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