Editing Modules (Beta)

Last updated on 16 November, 2022

You can edit modules using the module editor. You access the module editor from My Module Toolbox. You can edit, test, and save module information such as AppliesTo and Collector scripting. For more information, see Module Editor.

Note: The LogicModule editor is currently available for PropertySources only. For the other LogicModule types, you are directed to the legacy module editor in Settings. For more information, see Introduction to LogicModules.


An installed LogicModule in My Module Toolbox.


  1. Select a module (row) from My Module Toolbox to display the module’s details panel. For more information, see My Module Toolbox.
  2. Select Edit from the details panel for the selected module to open the module editor.

  3. In the module editor, make any updates or changes to the module. For more information, see Module Editor.
  4. Select Save when you’re finished editing.
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