My Module Toolbox

Last updated on 17 November, 2022

My Module Toolbox is your local environment and contains all the modules you have installed from Exchange. My Module Toolbox lets you view, filter, and update your installed modules. You can also perform bulk actions on groups of selected modules.


My Module Toolbox provides a list of your installed modules. The Status column uses the following indicators:

InstalledThe most current version of the module is installed.

UpdateA new version of the installed module is available.

Skip UpdateA new version of the installed module is available, but you have the option to ignore the update. If an updated is skipped, you will not see this option again until another update is available. 

CustomizedA customized module is an Official LogicModule that has been installed from Exchange and modified locally. If the module is published or committed back to Exchange (new version) it will no longer be marked as customized.

Status Filter

Use can filter your installed modules by status. For more information on filters, see Module Filtering.

Add Filter > Status

Adds the Status filter to the toolbar.
Status filter

Select Up to Date to see installed modules that do not have updates available, Outdated to see installed modules that do have updates available.


When you select one or more modules (checkboxes) the Actions drop-down list appears.

The Actions drop-down list contains the following options:

Action Description
UpdateInstalls the newest versions of the selected modules from Exchange.
Skip UpdateIgnores updates for the selected modules.
DeleteRemoves the selected modules from My Module Toolbox.

My Module Toolbox Details

Click a row in the modules table to open a panel with information about the module. 

Module Details

The details panel displays additional information about the selected module, organized into the following tabs:

InfoSummary information and description.
AppliesToDisplays the AppliesTo scripting, with options to Test or Copy.
Active DirectoryBasic Active Discovery information, including schedule and method. For more information, see What Is Active Discovery.
CollectionCollection method, schedule, and arguments.
DatapointsName and description of associated datapoints. For more information, see Datapoint Overview.
Graphs, Overview GraphsView the graphs associated with the module.
Local HistoryHistory of versions for the module, including author, timestamp, and description of the change.

Note: Tabs may vary depending on the module configuration.

Edit or Delete an Installed Module

The module detail panel includes options for editing and deleting installed modules. 

The options are as follows:

EditOpens the Module Editor in Settings. For more information, see Introduction to LogicModules.

InstalledInstalled status indicator. Options to Update or Skip Update may be present.

DeleteRemoves the module from My Module Toolbox.

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