Updating Modules

Last updated on 17 November, 2022

An update is a new version of a module. LogicMonitor recommends having the most up-to-date modules installed. When you install an update, be aware that it overwrites the existing installed version. The Preservations feature allows you install the update while preserving customized sections of your module.


An installed module (My Module Toolbox) with an available update in Exchange.


  1. From My Module Toolbox, navigate to the module that you want to update. For more information, see My Module Toolbox.
  2. From the Status column, click Update. An update window appears, which displays a side-by-side comparison (read-only) of the installed version and the new version.
  3. After review, you can:
    • Select Skip Update to retain the current installed version of the module. 
    • Select Final Review to advance to the Preservations window.
  4. Use the Preservations options to retain or overwrite module settings. When the toggle is off, the new module setting will override the installed version. When the toggle is on, the existing setting is preserved. You can preserve settings for the following:
    • Active Discovery Filters
    • AppliesTo
    • Collection Interval
    • Discovery Interval
    • Display Name
    • Group
  5. Click Save to install the update.

Note: You can also update a module from the module’s details panel. For more information, see My Module Toolbox.

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