About LogicMonitor’s Kubernetes Monitoring

LogicMonitor’s Kubernetes Monitoring Integration enables comprehensive monitoring for Kubernetes Clusters and the containerized applications running within. The integration relies on two lightweight applications that each run in your cluster as a pod:

  • An application, Argus, running in the cluster for discovery. Argus uses LogicMonitor’s API to add Nodes, Pods, and Services into monitoring.
  • A Collectorset-Controller that manages one or more Dockerized LogicMonitor Collectors for data collection. Once Kubernetes Cluster resources are added into LogicMonitor, data collection starts automatically. Data is collected for Nodes, Pods, Containers, and Services via the Kubernetes API. Additionally, standard containerized applications (e.g. Redis, MySQL, etc.) will be automatically detected and monitored.

To get started, you have two options:

Note: LogicMonitor’s Kubernetes monitoring integration is an add-on feature called LM Container. You may need to reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to get started.

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