Fortinet Fortigate Firewalls

These simply require SNMP to be enabled, but note that there are two steps in doing so: enabling SNMP globally, and on the interface that the Collector will be querying.

To enable SNMP on the Fortigate, perform the following procedures:

  • Go to System > Config > SNMP v1/v2c to configure the SNMP agent. This is where you configure the SNMP community.
  • Before a remote SNMP manager can connect to the FortiGate agent, you must configure one or more FortiGate interfaces to accept SNMP connections.
    • If your device is in NAT/Route mode: Go to System > Network > Interface, choose an interface that an SNMP manager connects to and select Edit. In Administrative Access, select SNMP, then select OK.
    • If your device is in Transparent mode: Go to System > Config > Operation Mode, Enter the IP address that you want to use for management access and the netmask in the Management IP/Netmask field.

NOTE: In FortiOS versions 5.4.1 and later, SNMP get commands for interface descriptions return value "set description" instead of "interface name". You will need to establish an interface description on each of your Fortigate interfaces in order to monitor them.