Meraki Cloud Access Controllers

Meraki controllers can be monitored like other devices, simply through SNMP.  The only complication is that they listen on non-standard SNMP ports.

Note: If you intend to monitor multiple Meraki Cloud Access Controllers, you will need a different collector to monitor each one.

The Meraki's SNMP configuration is visible by logging in to your Meraki dashboard, and selecting Organization --> Settings.

Towards the botton of that page, you will see a section like the below:

  • Ensure SNMP is enabled, and note the port and community
  • To ensure monitoring of your Access Point Interfaces, each Access Point will need to be named. Without access point names the interfaces will not be discovered in LogicMonitor.  You can set the names within the Meraki web interface under Monitor...Access Points, clicking the Access Point to change, then selecting Edit Configuration.
  • Verify any existing firewall rules do not block SNMP traffic to the cloud access controller. It may be required to create a rule to allow this communication.

Add your Meraki host to LogicMonitor via the Add | Device (Expert)

Enter the DNS name of your cloud controller, which should always be  Then add two properties (by clicking the Add link next to properties): snmp.port, and, matching the information from the Meraki Settings screen, above, as in the image below.  If you're adding multiple Meraki devices, make sure to give each one a unique Name (they can share the same DNS name) and assign each to a different collector.

Save, and you should see all Access Points and their associated interfaces.