Introduction to EMC ECS Monitoring

LogicMonitor can monitor many aspects of your Dell EMC ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage) cluster using the EMC ECS REST API. Monitoring capabilities span both cluster-level (storage capacity, storage pools, replication groups) and node-level (node processes, node disks, etc) metrics.

Configuring EMC ECS Monitoring

Follow these steps to configure EMC ECS monitoring:

  1. Create a read-only account for LogicMonitor to use when accessing the EMC ECS REST API.
  2. Import all EMC ECS DataSources and PropertySources into LogicMonitor.
  3. Add your EMC ECS VDC nodes into monitoring.
  4. Store the LogicMonitor account credentials (userid and password) on your EMC ECS device(s) using the ecs.user and ecs.pass properties. For more information on assigning credentials as properties, see Defining Authentication Credentials.
  5. To turn on cluster-level monitoring, set the emc.ecs.cluster.node property to "TRUE" on one of the VDC nodes. Any node can be used to report cluster-level metrics.
  6. To turn on node-level monitoring for one or more nodes in the cluster, set the node's system.hostname or system.displayname property (or the resolvable hostname) to match the node's FQDN, as presented by the EMC REST API.