In order to completely monitor Nimble storage arrays, both SNMP and SSH access is required. SNMP only can be used, but will not expose metrics such as volume latency, or disk SMART metrics.

Enable SNMP on the Nimble array (or array group). Also create a user that can SSH to the array via the useradmin command. Note that only Guest role is required.

Set the property to correspond to what’s configured on the Nimble array; and then set nim.user and nim.pass properties based on the credentials of your SSH user.

Note: The latest Nimble_HDD_Disks DataSource relies on properties set by the Nimble_Array_Properties PropertySource, which must be imported along with the Nimble_HDD_Disks DataSource, in order to function properly. For more information on importing DataSources, see Keeping your LogicModules up to date.

Note: For versions under, Nimble reports a bug in which Group Management Service may restart when the stats command is accessed via an SSH connection that finishes after the SSH logic session has been deleted. To avoid this, Nimble suggests closing your SSH session before it expires and upgrading to a more recent version.

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