To effectively monitor PureStorage arrays, LogicMonitor uses the PurityOS REST API v 1.4. Here’s how you get these devices configured for use with LogicMonitor:

  1. Add the device to your LogicMonitor account using either the Wizard or Expert mode.
  2. You will need a new or existing user with read-only access to the device. Depending on your PureStorage configuration, this may be created locally on the device itself or externally through an Active Directory or LDAP integration. 
  3. Create an API Token for the account you choose.  You can do so via the Purity GUI via “System > Users > Create API Token” or on the CLI using “pureadmin create ‐–api‐token”. Your token should look something like:523eb429-7432-3425-bb12-5fe45ba66416.
  4. Associate your PureStorage API Token with your device by adding it as a device property of the name purestorage.apitoken.pass.


The PureStorage datasources will apply to your device based on the creation of this apitoken device property. So once you complete step four you’re good to go.

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