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RPC API: Get Device Group Properties

Note that LogicMonitor does have an available REST API equivalent for this API call.

Device groups are LogicMonitors way of visually and logically organizing your monitored infrastructure.  LogicMonitor’s RPC API enables you to programmatically view device group properties with getHostGroupProperties.

Note: As with all our API calls, authentication is required.



Request Parameters: You can include the following as query parameters in a getHostGroupProperties request:




hostGroupId Integer Required. The Id of the host group.
finalResult Boolean Optional. true | false (default)

true: All of the host group properties (including inherited properties) will be returned.
false: Inherited host group properties will not be returned.

All outputs will be in the format: { [status], [data], [errmsg] }, where status is the status of the response, errmsg is the error message associated with the response and the data object incldues a list of properties, where name and value are displayed for each property.



curl ""


  "status": 200,
  "data": [
      "name": "system.categories",
      "value": ""
      "name": "",
      "value": "********"
      "name": "netapp.ssl",
      "value": "true"
  "errmsg": "OK"

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