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RPC API: Delete a Device

Note that LogicMonitor does have an available REST API equivalent for this API call.

LogicMonitor’s RPC API enables you to delete devices from your account programmatically with deleteHost.

Note: As with all of our API calls, authentication is required.





Request Parameters: You can include the following as query parameters in a deleteHost request:




hostId Integer Required. The Unique Id of the Host

To get a hostId in the UI: navigate to the device & select the focus icon – the id is in the URL as d-##.

deleteFromSystem Boolean Optional. true | false (default)

true: The Host will be removed from your LogicMonitor account
false: The Host will be deleted from hostGroupId(s) specified in the request.

hostGroupId Integer Required if deleteFromSystem=false (or not specified). The unique Id of the Host group to remove the Host from.

To get a hostGroupId in the UI: navigate to the group & select the focus icon – the id is in the URL as dg-##.


All outputs will be in the format: { [status], [errmsg] }, where status is the status of the response and errmsg is the error message associated with the response.



curl ""


  "status": 200,
  "errmsg": "OK"

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