HipChat (SaaS) Integration

Atlassian HipChat is a SaaS based group chat and IM tool which utilizes the idea of persistent rooms as well as 1 to 1 chat. LogicMonitor for HipChat is an out of the box integration that enables you to send LogicMonitor alerts to HipChat. The complete chat history makes it a great way for Ops teams to stay apprised of alerts without inbox overload. LogicMonitor for HipChat allows you to view detailed alert information alongside related graphs in your team HipChat rooms, providing a single context for end to end troubleshooting. Additionally, the integration enables you to respond to alerts with acknowledgement and scheduled downtime directly from HipChat.

Note: The information provided in this support article pertains only to the SaaS version of HipChat that is hosted by Atlassian. If you are integrating LogicMonitor with a self-hosted (i.e. on-premises) version of HipChat, see HipChat (On-Prem) Integration.

To use the pre-built LogicMonitor for HipChat integration, you'll need to perform the following steps:

  1. Install the 'LogicMonitor for HipChat' add on from the Atlassian Marketplace.  
  2. Add a HipChat Integration in your LogicMonitor account from Settings | Integrations | Add | HipChat.  
  3. Add the integration added in step 2 to an Escalation Chain, and add that Escalation Chain to an Alert Rule. 

Step 1:

  • Navigate to the Integration add-on marketplace in the HipChat Admin Website

  • Select Global (all rooms): The LogicMonitor add-on needs to be installed globally so that we can query for rooms information later on. In the future, we plan to support per-room installation.
  • Find the LogicMonitor for HipChat add-on, and click the green "Add Integration" button
  • Select Global (all rooms) again & approve the permissions request
  • You will be redirected to a configuration page where you'll need to specify your LogicMonitor account & provide credentials to log in. Note that if you do not check "Enable acknowledge and SDT operations", these actions will not be allowed from the integration 

Step 2:

  • Navigate to Settings | Integrations | Add and select the HipChat integration

  •  You'll need to provide your HipChat domain, as well as the room you'd like to send alert notifications to.
  • Note that you can use a token in the room field.  
  • LogicMonitor will auto-create a user for this integration, in addition to a role that will allow access to alert data, ACK, and SDT functionality. A set of user API tokens will be created for integration authentication.

Step 3:

  • Configure an Escalation Chain that specifies the HipChat integration in a stage
  • Configure an Alert Rule that specifies the Escalation Chain 

Once the above steps are complete, alerts that match the Alert Rule configured in step 3 will be sent to your HipChat room.  You'll see the basic alert overview in a HipChat card, like this:

You can select the three dots to the right of the card to 'View Alert Detail', which will populate alert detail and graph information in the HipChat sidebar.  This sidebar will additionally include options to acknowledge and SDT the alert: