Alert Integrations Overview

Introduction to Alert Integrations

LogicMonitor can be made to work with most chat tools, ticketing systems and other services you may utilize internally. These alert integrations allow LogicMonitor to interact with your third-party collaboration tools, supporting activities such as opening, updating and closing incidents in these tools, based on LogicMonitor alerts.

Out-of-the-Box Alert Integrations

Your LogicMonitor account comes pre-configured with the following out-of-the-box integrations:

Interested in integrating your LogicMonitor account with Puppet? Check out LogicMonitor's Puppet module.

Custom Alert Integrations

In addition to numerous out-of-the-box integrations, LogicMonitor also supports the creation of custom integrations. Typically, these integrations are achieved using custom HTTP delivery (webhooks) or custom email delivery. LogicMonitor's custom HTTP delivery routes alerts to external systems and tools via HTTP requests, and can retrieve ticket IDs or other unique identifiers from the response. Custom email delivery emails custom formatted alert notifications to external systems and tools in response to alerts that are triggered in your account. In other cases, custom integrations may utilize the LogicMonitor API or external alerting capabilities.

Creating an Alert Integration

All new integration setups can be initiated via Settings | Integrations | Add, as shown next. For details on configuring an out-of-the-box integration or custom integration, refer to that integration type's individual support article.

list of integrations