Updating LogicModules

LogicMonitor continuously releases updates to existing LogicModules. An update is a new version of a LogicModule that has the exact same name and will overwrite an existing installed version when it is imported. You can update LogicModules from the Module Store and Module Toolbox.

Note: The Module Store and Module Toolbox is available as part of LM Exchange (Beta). For more information, see LM Exchange (Beta) Overview.

To update a LogicModule:

1. Browse or filter to find the LogicModule you want to update.

2. Under Status, click Update.

Note: You can also update modules from the details panel or when viewing the contents of packages.

You can now compare the differences between the installed version and the updated version of the module. All the differences will be highlighted in yellow. This is a read-only view.

After reviewing the changes:

3a. Click Skip Update to retain the current installed version of the module. 

3b. Click Final Review to review the updated configuration before saving the changes.

This process allows you to manually reconcile each proposed change. You can choose to preserve the configuration that currently exists in your local version, or you can choose to accept select parts of the changes in the updated version. If you are updating a local version that has been customized, this can allow you incorporate enhancements while preserving the customizations you made for your environment.

4.  Toggle the Preservation items for the customizations that you want to retain in the update of the module.

6. Click Save to import the update.