Getting Started With LogicMonitor

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How Logicmonitor Works

With LogicMonitor, you can instantly monitor the health and performance of your IT systems in one place at the same time.

Product Tour

With LogicMonitor, you can instantly monitor the health and performance of your systems in one place at the same time.

The Getting Started Wizard

Getting started with Logicmonitor only takes minutes. See how!

Adding your first device

LogicMonitor makes it easy to quickly add all your devices in your IT infrastructure.

How to Use Dashboards

Dashboards allow you to create a customized, strategic view of your IT infrastructure and systems, ensuring the data you need to monitor and manage your business is available at a glance.

Web Services

LogicMonitor IT monitoring Web Services periodically test website performance and availability from outside of your network.

Device Search

The Device Search function gives you quick results. Search by Group, Device, DataSource, or Instance name.

Monitoring AWS with LogicMonitor

Monitor DynamoDB, EC2EB, ElastiCache, ELBKinesis, RDS, Route53, S3, SNS, SQS and AWS billing.

Getting started with Puppet

LogicMonitor's Puppet module allows your Puppet infrastructure code to manage your LogicMonitor account as well.


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Installing a Collector: Intro

Collectors are used to gather data from your hosts and send it to LogicMonitor. They are installed and run on a host within your infrastructure.

Installing a Collector: Linux

With LogicMonitor, you only need one Collector per physical location of your IT infrastructure. Watch this video to learn how to install additional Collectors.

Installing a Collector: Windows 64bit

A step by step walkthrough to show you how to install a collector in your Logicmonitor account and get up an running in minutes.

Installing a Collector: Migrating a Collector

Learn how to migrate a Collector from one server to another with out losing any data.

Dynamic Groups

Automatically group devices based on certain criteria.

Adding Devices to your Logicmonitor Account

Adding Devices in LogicMonitor is fast and easy. After you have installed a Collector, you can start monitoring devices and technologies in your IT infrastructure within seconds.

Alert Tuning

LM Alerts enable you to flip the paradigm, so you can proactively investigate issues.

Adding Dashboards & Widgets

Design your LogicMonitor dashboards with any set of metrics you want toto help you optimize your IT monitoring. Create custom widgets to see what is important in your IT stack.

Adding Users & Roles

Learn how to create different users that have specific roles and access to your LogicMonitor account.

Using The Alerts Page

The alerts page displays a table with all active alerts for your LogicMonitor account. You can filter, customize, and search, for any type of alert in your Logicmonitor account.

Configuring Alert Routing

LogicMonitor allows you to route alert notifications to different teams within your organization, so that the right people are notified when an issue occurs.

How IT Teams Use LogicMonitor

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SPS Commerce

See how SPS uses LogicMonitor to monitor the world’s largest retail network used by 60,000+ companies worldwide.

Cengage Learning

See how one of the big 3 educational publishing houses, gains full visibility into their hybrid IT environment with LogicMonitor.

Unified Connexions

See how Unified Connexions uses Logicmonitor to optimize the IT infrastructure of their clients, including schools.


See how Sagiss, a premiere MSP, uses Logicmonitor to deliver best in class service for their customers.

Cielo 24

See how Cielo 24, a startup Transcription service, uses LogicMonitor so they can focus on growing their business.

CPI Solutions

See how CPI Solutions uses LogicMonitor to deliver better service to their customers.

Apollo Endosurgery

Apollo Endosurgery is a is revolutionizing the treatment of obesity and other gastrointestinal disorders. Uptime is critical!

Puppet Labs & LogicMonitor

See how Puppet Labs seamlessly works alongside LogicMonitor.

IT Monitoring Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting

Device Group Management

Learn how to manage your LogicMonitor account with Device Groups. See alerts, performance and overall health of your IT infrastructure.

Project-Event Logs in Windows

Learn how to use Windows built in feature, Subscriptions, that allow you to copy events in the service and application logs to the windows classic logs.

Using NetApp

Quickly determine if NetApps are - or are NOT - the root cause of latency and slow applications.

Recorded Webinars

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101 - Product Overview Training

Get the most out of our cutting edge monitoring product. Learn best practices for: Datasource components and structure.

MSP 3.0 The Next Gen Service Providers

Part 1- Where is your business operationally today and what changes do you need to make to plan for the future?

204 Advanced Training - Troubleshooting

This webinar covers LogicMonitor best practices for troubleshooting issues with web applications.

203 - Best Practices for Monitoring an AWS Hosted Website

Best practices for monitoring your AWS hosted website.

202- SNMP Datasources

This webinar covers LogicMonitor best practices for creating, troubleshooting and managing SNMP datasources, with demonstrations in the following areas:

201- Optimizing Alerting

This webinar covers LogicMonitor best practices for optimizing your alerting

Certification Program

Check out the LogicMonitor Certification program for advanced users

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