Cloud Monitoring

LogicMonitor offers comprehensive monitoring to give you full observability across modern cloud environments, whether public, private, or hybrid. Agentless discovery automatically discovers, applies, and scales monitoring for dynamic cloud infrastructures – such as AWS, Azure, and GCP – ensuring that monitoring is always up to date.

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Monitor your entire cloud infrastructure from one platform

LogicMonitor makes it easy to quickly understand the health of your entire cloud ecosystem providing comprehensive coverage across AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Intelligent cloud monitoring features:

  • Troubleshoot quickly with instant and enhanced visibility into cloud resources, log, and application performance, and correlate performance across your entire infrastructure.
  • Visualize your entire ecosystem – on-prem, cloud, and microservices – within one platform, streamlining previous workflows that may have leveraged legacy or vendor-agnostic platforms.
  • Automatically put the right log events in the context of IT Infrastructure performance giving users the necessary insight to know where and why an event is happening.
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Scale quickly with automatic discovery

Cloud environments are dynamic and your monitoring platform should be too. LogicMonitor can automatically detect infrastructure changes and apply monitoring accordingly, granting users peace of mind with a continuously monitored ecosystem, no matter the scaling rate.

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Reduce MTTR with intelligent alerting

Dynamic infrastructure can be hard to manage, especially when it comes to alerting. With AIOps, users can leverage dynamic thresholds and anomaly detection to intelligently detect signals from noise.

  • Dynamic thresholds detect the expected performance range for your services and use anomaly detection to identify performance outside of the expected range. Alerts are then sent for abnormal behavior, helping businesses avoid alert fatigue and surface anomalies sooner.
  • Patented algorithms detect log events representing change and anomalies across entire environments, allowing IT Operations teams to focus on the right information at the right time.

Find the root cause of issues faster

Root cause analysis (RCA) surfaces actionable alerts by reporting only on the primary cause of issues and screening out irrelevant data according to the criteria you choose. RCA rapidly surfaces any anomalies and frees teams from time-consuming, manual work of sorting out what’s essential and what is not.

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Monitor containers with ease

LogicMonitor’s Container monitoring provides automated monitoring and pre-configured alert thresholds for AWS Container Services such as EKS and ECS, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and Google Kubetnetes Engine (GKE). Ephemeral containerized applications are auto-detected, monitored, and alerted on based on best practices.

Quote Mark Dark

We struggled to make SCOM useful and needed a platform that could monitor infrastructure across offices, data centres, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Cisco cloud e.g. Meraki etc. The ultimate aim was to bring the health of all our infrastructure and applications everywhere to a single pane of glass. After trialling a number of products we stumbled on LogicMonitor and haven’t looked back.

David Smale

IT Systems Manager, Pythagoras

Cloud monitoring features

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Identify impactful changes

Service configuration changes can make or break your application. Knowing what these changes are and when they happen in the context of application performance will reduce issue-to-resolution-time.

Keep your team informed

Keep your teams connected and streamline workflows with built-in integrations for service management tools like ServiceNow, Autotask, and Connectwise, communication tools like Slack, or incident notification tools like PagerDuty.

Eliminate gaps in visibility

Gain access to comprehensive OS and application-level metrics in addition to cloud-specific API data. See how your cloud instances interact with your on-premises and hybrid infrastructure for a comprehensive view of service health and availability.

Proactively manage service limit capacity

Your cloud account comes with service limits, and unexpectedly hitting them can impact your application’s availability. Receive alerts when you’re getting close.

No more suprises

Receive alerts for service disruptions, even before your cloud provider confirms them. Track the availability and latency of your cloud services before it impacts end-user performance.

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Understand your cost centers

Get a breakdown of where you’re spending the most and least amount of money to optimize costs moving forward. See ‘at-a-glance’ where you can cut costs and optimize spend with detailed ROI analysis. Automated alerts flag spend thresholds and reserved instance expirations. Make your business more predictable by using historical data to forecast future spend.

Visualize Performance: Resource Monitoring

Full observability for AWS, Azure, and GCP

Troubleshoot quickly with instant and enhanced visibility into your cloud resource and application performance right out-of-the-box. And, correlate configuration and performance changes with LogicMonitor’s custom event integrations. Utilize AIOps and Log Analysis to proactively identify anomalies that impact performance.

Know Your Limits: Cloud Provider Monitoring

A complete view of cloud provider availability

With cloud provider monitoring you get one view into account level capacity, scheduled maintenance, and available services. This ensures your team will never run into service limits and can forecast accordingly.

Keep Finance Informed: ROI Monitoring

Optimize spend and get the most out of cloud

No more surprises. See ‘at-a-glance’ where you can cut costs and optimize spend with detailed ROI analysis. Automated alerts flag spend thresholds and reserved instance expirations. Make your business more predictable by using historical data to forecast future spend and optimize resource allocation.

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