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Maximize your investment in AWS, Azure, GCP, and other SaaS applications with real-time visibility into the health and performance of your cloud deployment. Get started with lightweight, agentless monitoring and powerful AIOps features

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Monitor mission-critical cloud infrastructure and SaaS apps in minutes

LM Cloud provides a fast, three-step setup wizard that automatically discovers, applies, and scales monitoring for your entire cloud ecosystem. Experience executive-level dashboards and deep-dive technical insights into AWS, GCP, VMware, and Microsoft Azure together with other infrastructure on one unified platform.

With LM Cloud, you’ll get:

  • Rapid API-based monitoring of business-critical cloud platforms and SaaS applications without deploying any agents or collectors
  • Intuitive, guided three-step setup and configuration to monitor cloud platforms and SaaS applications
  • Quick troubleshooting with instant visibility into cloud resources, logs, and applications to correlate performance across your entire stack
  • Enhanced visualizations for on-prem, cloud, and microservice topology within one platform; streamlining previous workflows that may have leveraged legacy or vendor-agnostic platforms
  • Automated log analysis in the context of IT Infrastructure performance, giving users insight to know where and why an event is happening
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Google Cloud Platform

Automatically discovers and monitor all of your GCP services like GCE, GAE, and CloudSQL in real-time. Our comprehensive coverage provides GCP metrics alongside any network, server, or container service for full visibility into health and performance

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Microsoft Azure

Install a collector on a Virtual Machine or Server in your Azure instance and you’ll be able to use LogicModules out-of-the-box to monitor critical Azure-hosted infrastructure performance metrics and build out dashboards that show the data critical to your IT Operations

Amazon Web Services

Simplify cloud monitoring and make your migration to the cloud more manageable and cost-predictable with LM Cloud’s complete cloud monitoring strategy. Built-in alert thresholds based on best practices mean you’ll automatically start receiving alerts for non-performant resources

Onboard and proactively monitor within minutes

Cloud environments are dynamic and your monitoring platform should be too. LogicMonitor’s LM Exchange, Cloud Integrations provides:

  • Seamless and frictionless setup and API-based monitoring of AWS, Azure, GCP environments, and business-critical SaaS applications, such as Office 365, Salesforce, Zoom, or any supported by Atlassian
  • An intuitive, three-step configuration wizard means that you can have real-time visibility into the health, performance, availability, and usage of cloud platforms quickly and easily

Reduce MTTR with intelligent alerting

Dynamic cloud environments can be hard to manage, especially when it comes to alerting. With AIOps, users can leverage dynamic thresholds and anomaly detection to intelligently detect signals from noise

  • Dynamic thresholds detect the expected performance range for your services and use anomaly detection to identify performance outside of the expected range. Alerts are then sent for abnormal behavior, helping businesses avoid alert fatigue and surface anomalies sooner
  • Patented algorithms detect log events representing change and anomalies across entire environments, allowing IT Operations teams to focus on the right information at the right time

Complete view of cloud provider availability

With cloud provider monitoring you get one view into account level capacity, scheduled maintenance, and available services. This ensures your team will never run into service limits and can forecast accordingly

Full observability into public cloud platforms and SaaS applications

Troubleshoot quickly with instant and enhanced visibility into your cloud resource and application performance right out-of-the-box. And, correlate configuration and performance changes with LogicMonitor’s custom event integrations. Utilize AIOps and Log Analysis to proactively identify anomalies that impact performance

Optimize spend and get the most out of cloud

No more surprises. See ‘at-a-glance’ where you can cut costs and optimize spend with detailed ROI analysis. Automated alerts flag spend thresholds and reserved instance expirations. Make your business more predictable by using historical data to forecast future spend and optimize resource allocation

2,000+ Turn Key Integrations

Cloud monitoring benefits






Monitor cloud platforms and SaaS apps with speed and ease

LM Cloud provides rapid API-based monitoring of business-critical SaaS applications and Cloud platforms without deploying any agents or collectors, for seamless employee experience

Keep your team informed

Keep your teams connected and streamline workflows with built-in integrations for service management tools like ServiceNow, Autotask, and Connectwise, communication tools like Slack, or incident notification tools like PagerDuty.

Eliminate gaps in visibility

Gain access to comprehensive OS and application-level metrics in addition to cloud-specific API data. See how your cloud instances interact with your on-premises and hybrid infrastructure for a comprehensive view of service health and availability

Proactively manage service limit capacity with no surprises

Your cloud account comes with service limits, and unexpectedly hitting them can impact your application’s availability. Receive alerts for service disruptions, even before your cloud provider confirms them. Track the availability and latency of your cloud services before it impacts end-user performance

Understand your cost centers

Get a breakdown of where you’re spending the most and least amount of money to optimize costs moving forward. See ‘at-a-glance’ where you can cut costs and optimize spend with detailed ROI analysis. Automated alerts flag spend thresholds and reserved instance expirations. Make your business more predictable by using historical data to forecast future spend


What is Cloud Monitoring?

Cloud monitoring is the process of reviewing and managing the operational workflow that makes up a cloud-based IT infrastructure. Different techniques confirm the availability and performance of websites, servers, applications, and other cloud infrastructure.

Can I monitor more than one cloud provider simultaneously at LogicMonitor?

Companies often use multi-cloud environments to distribute computing resources and minimize the risk of downtime and data loss. LM Cloud applies a comprehensive monitoring strategy to overall cloud performance. It gives users real-time, data-driven insight into every potentially impactful component of their cloud deployment through three fundamental elements: cloud provider monitoring, resource performance monitoring, and detailed ROI analysis.

What cloud providers does LogicMonitor monitor?

LM Cloud’s three component strategy (resource monitoring, cloud provider availability monitor, and ROI monitoring) does not depend on the cloud provider. Currently supported cloud services include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, and SaaS apps such as Office 365, Salesforce, Zoom, or any supported by Atlassian

How does LM collect cloud metrics?

LogicMonitor collects data via the following methods: The application program interface (API) for individual cloud providers, for example AWS CloudWatch API, AWS EC2 API, Azure Monitor API, and so on. And the LogicMonitor Collector Metrics from LM Cloud are presented within LogicMonitor the same way as metrics for all resources and device metrics.

How does cloud monitoring work?

The cloud monitoring strategy includes three components critical to measuring overall health and performance of a cloud infrastructure:

  1. Resource Monitoring
  2. Cloud Provider Availability Monitoring
  3. Return On Investment (ROI) Monitoring

Monitored data for these three components is presented in auto-generated dashboards alongside any monitored data for on-premises infrastructure in LogicMonitor

What are cloud metrics?

LogicMonitor discovers your cloud resources and adds each resource as a LogicMonitor device. Datasources that are pre-configured to preform API calls and queries will be automatically applied to these discovered resources. If you also have a Collector deployed within your cloud environment, traditional Collector DataSources based on SNMP, WMI, and so on, will also auto-apply to these discovered resources. All existing LogicMonitor reporting, alerting dashboard and monitoring functionality works the same way once this data is in LogicMonitor.

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