The Solution is clear.

LogicMonitor is one unified observability superpower. Monitor everything, everywhere, from one platform, so you can manage your IT holistically—without the tool sprawl.

Work faster, work smarter

LogicMonitor does the hard work for you with automated alert thresholds, AI-powered early warning capabilities, customizable escalation chains, workflows, and more.

Fuel for business acceleration

Embrace AIOps with LogicMonitor’s intelligent data forecasting, flexible reporting, and custom dashboards to provide insight that lets you automate responses based on trusted data.

Always ahead of the curve

We’re constantly rolling out product enhancements to address customer feedback and writing new integrations to keep pace with innovation.

Digital Transformation

Future-proof your business and leave outdated technology in the dust.

Digital transformation may look different for each company, but no matter what size your company is, the outcomes are the same: to be more agile and make more money. LogicMonitor can help launch your digital transformation journey today.

Reduce MTTR

Everyone defines MTTR a little differently, but it all comes down to fixing problems and freeing up time to innovate.

When issues inevitably occur, reduce your mean time to resolution with LM Envision by troubleshooting and resolving issues faster than ever before. Now MTTR means mean time to relax.

Cloud Migration

Effortlessly monitor multiple cloud solutions and find resources to migrate into the cloud.

LogicMonitor ensures you have the real-time data you need for a seamless migration to the cloud. LogicMonitor clears the way to hit your deadlines and meet performance requirements, no matter where you are on your journey to cloud migration.

Tool consolidation

Too many point solutions bogging down your IT monitoring efficiency? Happens to everybody. Luckily, LogicMonitor is here to help.

Modern enterprises run on complex stacks that often span on-prem and multiple cloud services. With disparate tools and teams for monitoring and analytics across your infrastructure, both costs and critical vulnerabilities increase. Consolidating everything into a single platform eliminates visibility gaps and provides a single source of truth so teams are unified in their objectives to maintain and optimize the health of the technology your business depends on.


Use IT automation to eliminate redundant, manual tasks and save time, money, and resources.

Spend less time configuring and more time innovating. With LogicMonitor’s built-in automation, you can:

  • Customize and create rules
  • Scale your growth
  • Automate onboarding

And so much more. The possibilities are endless.

Operational Efficiency

Do more with less by optimizing all aspects of your IT organization.

Optimize CapEx and OpEx by improving operational efficiencies. From pre-empting cloud costs to finding underutilized tools, LogicMonitor’s collectors can help you save money and improve efficiency every step of the way.


Stop working in siloes and pace for rapid scale.

Team collaboration can be hindered by outdated tools and sprawl. LogicMonitor delivers modernized monitoring to empower your Ops teams, while providing visibility into technologies that grow with your organization.

GCISD Accelerates Digital Transformation with LogicMonitor
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All of IT, in one place

Unify your Ops departments for the future of observability


LogicMonitor allows MSPs to rise above the limitations of legacy monitoring tools to modernize tech stacks, improve operational efficiency, and win more clients. LogicMonitor is far more than a tool, it’s a true partnership. With LogicMonitor, MSPs can:

  • Deploy faster
  • Monitor more
  • Automate
  • Scale


Infrastructure, storage, cloud, datacenters and so much more. ITOps is at the forefront of modernizing and developing an ever-changing IT environment. Lead the charge with the power of observability at your fingertips. LogicMonitor is built to effortlessly monitor today’s tech stack and give you the ease of monitoring tomorrow’s. Use LM to: -Scale your existing infrastructure -Detect issues before they become problems -Avoid outages


LogicMonitor enables DevOps to measure and improve SLOs to drive automation with a full-stack focus. Smart alerting and anomaly detection unlock the understanding of application deployments on the underlying cloud and hybrid environment. With LogicMonitor, you can:

  • Deploy confidently
  • Gain Comprehensive visibility
  • Track application performance
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One platform for every combination of cloud environments, networks, and security. The intricacies of CloudOps are endless, but LogicMonitor helps organize, prioritize and manage:

  • Integrations
  • Costs
  • Time to Value

One platform. Every Industry.

Solutions for every industry. LogicMonitor was built to handle the needs of every IT environment. As your business grows, LogicMonitor’s observability platform can help you avoid growing pains and flourish. See how LogicMonitor can help with industries such as:

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Track your company’s network and devices with LogicMonitor.

It’s great since we don’t have to install bothersome agents on the devices or hardware that we want to monitor. I didn’t even need to consult the instructions or contact customer support when I wanted to add a device; the process is simple and easy to follow.

Feb 12, 2024

Edwin Leonard

Senior Software Engineer

Matrix Networks

The tool for strategic Managed Services partners

SolarWinds had the big breach just as we left it. We loved how powerful it was, and how customizable – however, it is an ON-Prem tool, and as a growing MSP, that dynamic didn’t and couldn’t scale.

Nov 21, 2022

Ali Gaeta

Manager of Managed Services

Internetwork Engineering

Help businesses spend less time on manual tasks and consolidate existing tools

LogicMonitor dynamically scales with our network’s growth. Whether we add new devices or expand into the cloud, the platform adapts seamlessly, eliminating the need for constant manual configuration. Excels in providing comprehensive visibility into our network infrastructure. It auto-discovers devices and monitors various network components, including servers, switches, routers, and cloud services.

Sep 22, 2023

Evan Rachel

Social Media Analytics