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Spring 2024

Optimize hybrid cloud performance and costs

Discover how we help operations teams enhance workflows, manage costs, and gain unparalleled insights into hybrid environments.

What’s new?

  • The launch of LM Cost Optimization, which helps operations teams ensure elevated service levels and drive efficiency. Teams get deeper multi-cloud billing visibility and AI-powered recommendations to manage performance and cloud expenses.
  • Expanded support for networking modernization with coverage for new wireless access points and SD-WAN vendors
  • Greater value by enabling SNMP traps as a log source, so traps can be retained and queried, while leveraging new AI features such as anomaly detection for logs

Winter 2024

Unleashing hybrid observability

Learn how we help organizations streamline operations, minimize expenses, and grow with confidence. 

What’s new?

  • A preview of LogicMonitor’s new Generative AI tool, LM Co-Pilot 
  • A preview of Log Analysis, which simplifies troubleshooting by quickly surfacing contextually relevant logs through advanced ML techniques and visual filtering
  • The GA of Dexda, LogicMonitor’s new event correlation and deduplication product, which extracts the richest, most relevant context from LogicMonitor and ServiceNow CMDB for highly accurate and customizable alert correlation
Dexda aiops event correlation platform screenshot

Fall 2023

Simplifying hybrid multi cloud complexity

LogicMonitor’s innovations deliver on our commitment to creating a unified experience, supported by a strong foundation in layered intelligence and hybrid observability. We announced Resource Explorer, which helps teams quickly organize and visualize their entire hybrid multi-cloud deployments to see overall resource and application health. 

What’s new?

  • Continuing our investment in the new unified experience enabling more cohesive and intuitive experiences
  • More intelligence and automation so your teams can spend less time on inefficient troubleshooting, and more time innovating
  • Expanding our monitoring scope to eliminate more blind spots and downtime with the extensibility you expect from LogicMonitor

Summer 2023

Unlocking intelligence & extensibility

The Summer 2023 release focused on extending visibility wherever your business demands through unified monitoring across your hybrid cloud ecosystem! 

What’s new?

  • Several new features to drive our customers’ ability to surface key insights while reducing alert fatigue and cutting back on manual tasks 
  • A new user interface 
  • A preview of Dexda and Event-Driven Ansible 
  • GA of Datapoint Analysis
  • Logs Query Tracking, a new Jira Service Management integration