SaaS-based IT monitoring and intelligence, right out-of-the-box

Core Package

Hybrid Infrastructure Performance Monitoring

Our core Hybrid Infrastructure package includes a full spectrum of cloud + on-premise monitoring capabilities, plus access to the LM Exchange with more than 2,000+ preconfigured integrations.

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Key components

  • Cloud monitoring (AWS, Google and Azure)
  • Container monitoring (Kubernetes)
  • Network monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Storage monitoring
  • Database monitoring
  • Dynamic services monitoring
  • Configuration monitoring


Volume pricing available

Full access to LogicMonitor’s cloud-based infrastructure monitoring platform for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Get started with automated deployment and configuration, intelligent alerting, customiziable dashboards, and over 2000 pre-built integrations.

Up to 199 devices

A device is an IP address or DNS name which can be queried for performance data.


Volume pricing available

Everything in Pro plus access to our full-suite of AI-based monitoring capabilities including root cause analysis, dynamic thresholds, forecasting, and more. Get started with AIOps and transform your IT operations from reactive to proactive.

200+ devices

A device is an IP address or DNS name which can be queried for performance data.

Next-level IT Infrastructure Monitoring capabilities come standard

Every LogicMonitor package includes an unparalleled suite of robust features for analysis, reporting, and proactive operations management.

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Powerful Premium Features

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LM Automate

Automate issue resolution with ServiceNow CMDB integration for more efficient workflows and a single source of truth.

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Let our Professional Services/LM Accelerate team help you crush your deployment and maximize your investment in LogicMonitor.

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Our investment in LogicMonitor paid for itself within 6 months. We couldn’t be happier.

Simon Gunton
Lead Business Operations Engineer

LogicMonitor Pricing FAQs

What is a device?

The equipment inside your network, e.g. servers, networking equipment, and storage equipment. In LogicMonitor, each device is represented by a single management IP address (or by DNS name). Your devices might be in multiple physical locations as well as in the cloud. From LogicMonitor’s perspective, it doesn’t matter whether they’re in the cloud, in a remote datacenter, or any combination of the above; if it’s part of your infrastructure, you should monitor it.

What is a collector?

A lightweight Java application that should be installed on a server in each location of a client’s infrastructure. A Collector, directed by LogicModules (built-in monitoring integrations), will gather data from all other devices located in that portion of your environment. It will then encrypt and send the collected data to LogicMonitor’s servers, where it is stored, graphed, processed, and analyzed. For more information about the Collector’s security protocols and they safety of our SaaS-based service, click here.

What is an agentless monitoring platform?

For you, this means rapid and easy deployment. LogicMonitor does not require the manual installation of agents on each of your clients’ devices. Rather, you can simply install a single LogicMonitor Collector (a process that takes less than two minutes) on a high-availability server in each of your locations and it will be able to communicate with the rest of your devices automatically.

What is the benefit of SaaS over on-premises monitoring?

LogicMonitor wants to do the heavy lifting of monitoring for you. This includes freeing you from software updates, downloads, and availability concerns. LogicMonitor’s data collection takes place inside each client’s infrastructure, but everything else, including storing, processing, and analyzing the data, takes place on our side. The result? You can view all of your infrastructure information (whether cloud, on-premises, or hybrid) from a single pane of glass without costly maintenance or configuration overhead.

What is Active Discovery?

A recurring process by which new instances are discovered. Instances are the individual components of a device from which we can collect information, e.g. disks in a server or interfaces on a switch. This is a vital component of automated monitoring and ensures your monitoring coverage grows with your infrastructure. Active Discovery ensures that each new VM created on your virtualization stack is monitored, or that each new volume added to your storage system is monitored for utilization and latency. Without Active Discovery, you’d have to remember to update your monitoring instances every time you made a change to your production environment.

What is the difference between Pro and Enterprise?

Pro Package provides full access to automated, SaaS-based monitoring for unified coverage of cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. This includes over 2000 built-in monitoring integrations, technical engineer support, automated configuration with Active Discovery, intelligent alerting, customizable dashboards, and more.

Enterprise Package provides everything in Pro as well as our bleeding-edge AIOps features. These AI-based features provide root cause analysis, forecasting, dynamic thresholds, and anomaly detection for proactive operations. LogicMonitor’s Enterprise Package provides an early warning system for IT operations that helps to prevent issues before they happen and streamline troubleshooting when an issue does occur in your infrastructure or applications.