Configuration Monitoring

Monitor and alert on configuration changes across multiple networks, data centers or customer locations. Correlate configuration changes to infrastructure performance in one unified platform.

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Improve efficiency and reduce mean time to repair

LM Config drives efficiency by automatically discovering, storing, and monitoring changes to device configurations. Speed up service problem resolution by correlating configuration changes with performance data.

Help IT deliver outcomes, not bottlenecks

Use LogicMonitor’s built-in automation and intelligence to manage configurations with a platform that scales and evolves with your business.

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Configuration monitoring features

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Correlate performance to configuration

In addition to increasing compliance and consolidating tools, putting configuration management and infrastructure monitoring in the same platform allows teams to correlate performance data with changes to device configurations.

Enable DevOps

With a “Trust but Verify” approach you can now alert on configuration changes the same way you alert on performance metrics.

Consolidate tools

Consolidate tools and put configuration management in the same window as your infrastructure monitoring.

Eliminate complexity

Maintain standardization and compliance policies even as your business scales in size and complexity.

Streamline development

Flag policy violations when they happen and update configurations on the fly without bringing development to a standstill.

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Scale effortlessly

Partner with the only monitoring solution that drives transformation and scales with you. Our configuration monitoring ensures your infrastructure stays healthy as infrastructure complexity grows.

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What do I like best? Visibility into all aspects of our network health. Configuration management for our network devices makes replacing a dead device much easier to get online again quickly.

Greg Laskey

Network Analyst/Security, Ecumen

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