Database Monitoring

LogicMonitor helps to reduce mean time to resolution with proactive monitoring of databases and end-user experience. Enable a more in-depth view of database performance by monitoring database issues alongside application performance in one unified platform.

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Monitor Database Performance In Real Time

LogicMonitor makes it easy to maintain and optimize database performance with built-in monitoring, alerting, and graphing for MongoDB, Oracle, Cassandra, and more.

With LogicMonitor, you’ll be able to:

  • Monitor critical database metrics such as throughput, query execution performance, the number of active connections, buffer pool usage, threads running, and more.
  • Put an end to alert fatigue with customizable alert thresholds, root cause analysis, and anomaly detection that ensure IT teams only receive alerts for issues that matter.
  • Track the capacity of the database over time to plan for future resource allocations and prevent unexpected downtime.

2,000+ turn-key integrations, including:

Rapidly troubleshoot database issues

LogicMonitor’s dashboards, intelligent alerting, forecasting, and detailed reporting elevate visibility into database performance and application health. Rapidly identify deadlocks, bottlenecks, error rates, and more. Visualize relationships between these resources with topology maps that help to identify the root cause of a problem and streamline MTTR.

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Eliminate configuration overheard

LogicMonitor’s cloud-based, agentless, collectors automatically discover your IT infrastructure without manual configuration. Within minutes you’ll have the monitoring, alerting and graphing you need to maintain and optimize your database infrastructure. Get the coverage you need for even the most complex infrastructure environments – whether resources are on-premises, spread across multiple data centers, or in the cloud.

Accelerate IT operations with machine learning and AI

LogicMonitor’s Early Warning System (AIOps) will detect the warning signs and symptoms that precede issues, such as patterns or anomalies in alerts or performance data, and warn users accordingly. These early warnings will trigger actions, such as integrations and custom scripts, to prevent issue occurrence. This Early Warning System will help enterprises avoid outages by warning users sooner, saving them time, money, and avoiding negative impact on their brands.

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