Edwin AI, the GenAI teammate for IT observability

Fast-track cross-domain incident resolution at first level support, with GenAI powered incident summaries, root cause analysis, and resolution guidance

“Edwin AI started correlating within an hour, even before we put it in production.”

Nathan Jetson Network Monitoring Solutions Manager, Global agricultural technology company


Quick Time to Value

  • Get up and running with production data in under a day with no lengthy training period 
  • Receive real-time summaries to quickly acknowledge and route tickets 
  • Perform auto correlation to avoid delays in escalation

Accelerate incident resolution at first level support

  • Exponentially scale IT operations with your real-time GenAI assistant, moving from daily firefighting to  proactive operations
  • Open and customizable machine learning models that target alert and enriched CMDB data relevant to your business

Consolidate support workflows across ITOps, SecOps and DevOps

  • Accelerate cross-domain incident resolution and prevent war rooms by grouping related alerts from multiple domains into a single ticket
  • Quickly resolve first level support tickets automatically or seamlessly route the tickets to the appropriate team with Edwin AI

Cut through the noise to prioritize critical issues

  • Compress up to 97% of alert volume, dramatically reducing alert fatigue while preventing crucial issues from slipping through the cracks
  • Pinpoint the casual alert and identify patterns with automatically generated tags  and insight timeline


Correlation and Deduplication

Automatically deduplicate and cluster related alerts into single incident tickets, vastly reducing the time for support teams to identify and resolve incidents.

Plain Language Summary

Summarize complex alerts and esoteric technical jargon into readable language that even Level 1 support can understand.

Root Cause

Surface root cause with pinpoint accuracy to deliver insights grounded in your data. 

Actionable Recommendations*

Step-by-step recommendations empower Level 1 and 2 support staff to troubleshoot issues in real time by ingesting unstructured data like runbooks.

Predictive Insights*

Anticipate incidents or outages before they impact your business without the headache of too many alerts. Edwin AI compresses up to 95% of alerts.

AI Assistant*

A conversational user-friendly interface provides additional information and historical context to fast-track troubleshooting.

Coming soon*


Open & agnostic

With 3000+ integrations and a tight integration with LogicMonitor, it’s easy to group related alerts across your existing legacy on-premises and modern hybrid cloud infrastructure. Explore integrations 


Unify observability, security, APM and rich CMDB data from third party tools like Datadog, Splunk, Dynatrace into a single incident ticket in real time.

Seamless incident ticketing

Full bi-directional synchronization of incidents through ITSM solutions like ServiceNow, enriched with CMDB information.

Frequently asked questions

Why did we name it “Edwin”? 

We chose the name Edwin AI after Edwin Hubble, the American astronomer who the Hubble telescope was named after for discovering the two moons of Pluto (Nix and Hydra), and helping determine the rate at which the universe is expanding. Since its mission began in 1990, the Hubble telescope has made more than 1.6 million observations. 

Just as Edwin Hubble invented modern day cosmology and transformed our understanding and limited view of the universe, we think Edwin AI will pave the way for modern enterprise observability and transform how customers perceive, reason, and act on their complex observability data.

What kind of AI does Edwin AI use?

Yes. Edwin AI uses machine learning (ML) and Generative AI for pattern identification, tag generation, summaries, root cause analysis and for actionable recommendations in the future.

Does LogicMonitor use customer data to train their models?

Edwin AI does not combine data from other customers. Please visit logicmonitor.com/security to learn more about our security policy.

How is Edwin AI different from other copilots?

The Edwin AI Assistant is designed from the ground up to use observability data along with unstructured knowledge sources spread across different collaboration and ticketing tools. It is not a ChatGPT-wrapper solution, unlike other observability copilot solutions out there in the market and uses agentic architecture that can perceive, understand and act on your observability data. 

Is Edwin AI an AIOps solution? 

Yes, but it’s more than that. AIOps stands for AI for IT operations. Edwin AI reboots traditional AIOps through the innovative use of Generative AI and direct access to the real-time operational data and context from the LogicMonitor Envision Platform and the customer’s ITSM & CMDB solution. 

With the newly added flexibility to ingest third-party data, Edwin AI serves as the glue between ITOps, SecOps, and DevOps teams for faster incident resolution and improved uptime. With Edwin AI, we are expanding into a new category called GenAIxOps (Generative AI-powered cross-domain operations) to encompass the multiple operations teams that work cross-functionally together, including ITOps, SecOps, and DevOps. By correlating observability, CMDB, security, and APM data from third-party tools like Datadog, Splunk, Dynatrace, and more into a single incident ticket in real time, Edwin AI will reduce information silos and provide a single view across IT operations and service management systems.