Save time, money and resources by utilizing IT automation to programmatically eliminate redundant manual IT tasks.

What is IT process automation

IT Process Automation can be broken down into three categories: Robot Process Automation, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Robot Process Automation (RPA) instructs machines to emulate various human actions
  2. Machine learning is less about building something new, and more about leveraging trends using algorithms and statistics from collected data
  3. Artificial intelligence develops tools for automation, combining machine learning trends with RPA to create repeatable processes and environments

Automation Myths Busted


Myth: Workflow automation will make most job roles redundant.

Reality: Automation takes care of repetitive tasks, which frees up time for individuals and teams to work on more complex issues and focus on innovation.

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Myth: Setting up automation is highly technical and overwhelmingly complex to implement.

Reality: While IT automation can be complex, LogicMonitor takes out the guesswork with easy implementation. Built-in integrations with Ansible, Stackstorm, Terraform, and more make automation easier than ever.


Myth: Workflow automation is costly.

Reality: While automation does have some upfront costs for very complex environments, organizations can successfully implement an automation strategy that starts small and scales gradually.

Why should you choose LogicMonitor for automation?

With LogicMonitor’s GCP support, Cloud Functions are automatically discovered and monitored alongside the rest of your hybrid infrastructure.

Activate event-driven automation

LM Envision excels at event-driven automation.

  • Sensors always listen for alerts within the platform, which comes with useful rules out-of-the-box such as “is a collector down?”
  • Additional rules are easy to build and customize.
  • Rules can trigger actions that go beyond smart alerting, such as adding or removing devices.

For example, let’s say LM Envision alerts you that a server is using an unusual amount of memory and running low on resources. With automation, that alert would trigger a rule which would in turn perform an action. In this case: running a diagnostic script, rebooting the server, and logging the instance to provide historical data on any future related issues.

Scale your business with automation

As you build and scale your infrastructure, why wait to manually start monitoring it? Whether you deploy infrastructure as code or physically set up servers in your data center, process automation makes setting up the tasks to start monitoring your new infrastructure (or anything in your tech stack) a snap.

In practice, let’s say you’re adding an AWS instance to monitor. To do this manually, you would go to the LM Exchange, select AWS, fill out some details, assign a parent group, get the IDs, create a policy, and choose what services you want to use.

This process is simple and quick to do once, but many enterprises and MSPs need to do this much more often. Setting up an automation task means all of these steps are completed instantly anytime they are needed.

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Automate Onboarding

LM Envision can help automate a significant amount of the onboarding process, so you can get ramped up quicker than ever.

Let’s say you’re an MSP. Going through the same 30+ step process to onboard a new client, build out their personal virtual machine instance, spin up a dedicated Azure environment, and set up RBAC tools to help monitor their devices can be a chore.

LM Envision accommodates automation that sets up whole environments for new clients. With this automation toolset, you can save hours manually going through these processes, allowing you more time to customize and innovate.

Pre-configured workflow integrations

Using templates from datasources, LogicMonitor can apply manufacturer and industry standards/best practices on what to monitor and their upper and lower thresholds, so you can spend less time in the configuration stage.

What is IT Automation?

IT automation is the creation of repeated software processes to reduce or eliminate manual or human-initiated IT tasks. Learn more!

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On-demand webinar: Unlocking the Path to Automation with LogicMonitor

Unlocking automation can help you enhance productivity, increase revenue, and improve customer experience. Check out this webinar to see how LM Envision can help you drive innovation by unlocking the path to automate within your ops team.

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Unlocking the power of automation with LogicMonitor

7 Reasons Why MSPs Benefit From IT Automation

The benefits MSPs obtain from IT automation include lower costs, reduced errors, and increased productivity. With automation, MSPs can acquire better data, become more reliable, and scale their operations. See how!

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7 Reasons Why MSPs Benefit From IT Automation

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Automation FAQ

What are the best processes for automation?

Although there are many processes that can be automated, not everything is the best candidate for automation. Only processes that are well defined, rule-based, and have a clear set of instructions are good candidates. Before considering automating a task, ask, “is this something that’s hard to explain?” If the answer is yes, automation may not be the right solution for the task.

Where should I start with automation?

Start small. Find redundant, repetitive tasks that are easy to learn.

Can I use automation to deploy a collector?

Yes. All of LM Envision’s out-of-the-box tools allow you to automatically deploy a collector.

How much does automation cost to start?

Automation capabilities are available with every LogicMonitor package. Learn more about our pricing by signing up to request a quote.