LogicMonitor vs Zenoss

The LogicMonitor platform offers superior scalability, advanced automation capabilities, and an intuitive, user-centric interface for effortless monitoring, surpassing Zenoss in every way. See how.


See how LogicMonitor stacks up

See how LogicMonitor, Zenoss, Sciencelogic, SolarWinds, PRTG and other vendors stack up in this comprehensive report by G2. This third-party comparison of network monitoring software is based on real customer reviews and dives into customer satisfaction ratings.

2023 G2 Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Report

Lightyears better cloud infrastructure

based on the most recent G2 Cloud Infrastructure report

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Simple Effective Event Log and Resource Monitoring/Alerting tool

LogicMonitor is used by our organization to actively monitor servers and cloud infrastructure for both events and resource utilization. Our main objective is to use the tool to detect and alert IT staff of anomalies or other potential downtime that could impact our customers and employees. LogicMonitor is currently deployed to key infrastructures such as VM hosts, domain controllers, critical servers, and Azure resources such as VMs, Frontdoor, Kubernetes, etc.

Nov 21, 2022

Aaron Nielson

Security Systems Architect


LogicMonitor has been a homerun!

LogicMonitor is great for organizations needing to get better visibility into their IT Operations and those needing to reduce workloads so that their IT teams can focus on more strategic projects.

Jul 01, 2022

Zachary Brand

Senior Director of Connected Solutions Delivery


LogicMonitor: Highly Recommended

LogicMonitor has well-developed out-of-the-box alert thresholds and very effective and flexible notification delivery options

Jun 28, 2022

Michael Dieter

Senior Systems Engineer

Loyola University Maryland

Superior scalability

LogicMonitor is built to scale with your constantly growing business. Effortlessly monitor thousands of devices and millions of data points, with room to grow from day one. As your organization expands, our platform adapts seamlessly, ensuring no blind spots.

Zenoss, on the other hand, struggles with performance as your network grows, limiting your operational flexibility

Advanced automation

LogicMonitor’s automation features streamline and optimize your monitoring, from auto-discovery of devices to smart alert routing, we make monitoring a breeze.

In contrast, Zenoss’s automation capabilities require more manual intervention, which could lead to higher chances of human error, and tons of time wasted.

Client Health Overview dashboard

Deliberate design

Our platform is designed with the user in mind, providing an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface. This user-centric approach simplifies setup, management, and comprehension of your monitoring environment.

Zenoss’s interface can’t compete with the level of ease and efficiency LogicMonitor has, impacting your team’s productivity.

Remote Workforce: Executive Overview Dashboard

Comprehensive cloud

Monitoring your cloud alongside your infrastructure goes together in LogicMonitor like peanut butter and jelly. We offer exhaustive insights into your entire cloud environment, monitoring all cloud resources to provide valuable data for troubleshooting and performance optimization.

Zenoss’s cloud monitoring goes with their infrastructure monitoring like peanut butter and tuna fish, potentially leaving you with unrecognized performance issues.

A LogicMonitor hybrid cloud dashboard.

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Benefits of LogicMonitor over ScienceLogic

Designed with Users in Mind

Our platform’s interface is more than just functional—it’s user-friendly. Its ease of navigation and management simplicity consistently outshine Zenoss.

2023 G2 Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Report

Deep Dive into Cloud Monitoring

Our comprehensive cloud monitoring capabilities offer exhaustive insights into your cloud infrastructure. The level of detail LogicMonitor offers simply blows Zenoss’s legacy technology out of the water.

Exceptional Support Every Step of the Way

Our dedicated customer support is a cut above. Users love us, and applaud our team’s quick responses and thorough assistance, ensuring your monitoring needs are always addressed immediately.

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