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Sensirion Goes from 12 incidents annually to near zero with LogicMonitor

Sensirion went from using eight monitoring tools to just one, dramatically freeing up resources, consolidating core functions, and simplifying operations. See how!

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Sensirion Goes From 12 Incidents Annually To Near Zero With LogicMonitor

Abrigo Maintains 99.99% Uptime With LogicMonitor

In this case study video, LogicMonitor is joined by Abrigo, a software company for financial institutions, to discuss the evolution of the financial technology space through the digital transformation era.

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Abrigo, Financial Services Customer Maintains 99.99% Uptime With LogicMonitor

Itility Cloud Control Reduces Complexity and Improves Usability with LogicMonitor

Itility Cloud Control uses LogicMonitor’s end-to-end application monitoring to provide a better, faster, and more cost-effective way to support their customers. Moving on from custom built monitoring solutions, ICC has scaled and grown their business and their offerings to customers by utilizing LogicMonitors out of the box functionality and seamless integrations.

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Itility Cloud Control Reduces Complexity and Improves Usability with LogicMonitor

Case studies

Henrico IT reduces alert noise by 90% with LogicMonitor

alerts / 04.05.23

Henrico IT reduces alert noise by 90% with LogicMonitor

The County of Henrico went from 5,000 daily alerts to three by reducing alert noise with LogicMonitor. Learn how it happened.

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NTT logo

enterprise / 02.28.23

NTT Enhances Network Insight by Integrating LogicMonitor with ServiceNow CMDB

NTT Com Managed Services is an agile, innovative organization that offers end-to-end global managed services to a variety of customers.

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VectorUSA logo

case study / 02.27.23

VectorUSA prevents downtime with intelligent alerting

VectorUSA uses LogicMonitor to get proactive downtime alerts, allowing them to fix issues faster than ever.

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vulcan logo

case study / 02.27.23

Vulcan uses extensibility to ensure printer uptime

With the help of LogicMonitor, Vulcan IT was able to provide additional value to end users that normally have no interaction with LogicMonitor and help ensure that Vulcan employees are getting paid on time!

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OPERS logo

case study / 02.27.23

OPERS increases visibility and insights

OPERS gained new capabilities for monitoring and displaying key information, including the ability to create custom dashboards to monitor and log server utilization with LogicMonitor.

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bachem logo

alerts / 02.27.23

Bachem cures alert fatigue

Bachem leverages Dynamic Thresholds, Root Cause Analysis and Topology Mapping to reduce the number of alerts significantly. 

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CMA logo

MSP / 02.27.23

CMA reduces MTTR with root cause analysis

By leveraging LogicMonitor’s extensibility, the CMA proactively monitors when an issue is about to occur and take action accordingly.

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Triton logo

automation / 02.27.23

Triton saves money with automation

Since implementing LogicMonitor, Triton has been able to focus their attention on necessary daily tasks, thanks to automation. See how!

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alfun logo

azure / 02.27.23

Alfun increases operational efficiency

LogicMonitor’s agentless solution allowed Alfun to rapidly onboard new customers’ hybrid environments, covering all key technologies. Learn more!

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