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Sensirion Goes from 12 incidents annually to near zero with LogicMonitor

Sensirion went from using eight monitoring tools to just one, dramatically freeing up resources, consolidating core functions, and simplifying operations. See how!

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Sensirion Goes From 12 Incidents Annually To Near Zero With LogicMonitor

Abrigo Maintains 99.99% Uptime With LogicMonitor

In this case study video, LogicMonitor is joined by Abrigo, a software company for financial institutions, to discuss the evolution of the financial technology space through the digital transformation era.

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Abrigo, Financial Services Customer Maintains 99.99% Uptime With LogicMonitor

Itility Cloud Control Reduces Complexity and Improves Usability with LogicMonitor

Itility Cloud Control uses LogicMonitor’s end-to-end application monitoring to provide a better, faster, and more cost-effective way to support their customers. Moving on from custom built monitoring solutions, ICC has scaled and grown their business and their offerings to customers by utilizing LogicMonitors out of the box functionality and seamless integrations.

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Itility Cloud Control Reduces Complexity and Improves Usability with LogicMonitor

Case studies

case study / 05.21.24

How Bechtle Suisse elevated IT monitoring to drive operational excellence

Discover how Bechtle Suisse enhanced IT operations and service delivery with LogicMonitor’s unified monitoring platform, driving operational excellence and scalable growth.

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Franke gains single pane visibility of their 95% virtualized environment with LogicMonitor

Article / 04.08.24

Franke gains single pane visibility of their 95% virtualized environment with LogicMonitor

Learn how Franke gained single pane visibility across their 95% virtualized environment with LogicMonitor’s comprehensive observability platform. Download the case study to discover how you can eliminate blind spots, improve workflows, and maximize your investment.

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Hain Celestial

accelerate growth / 02.13.24

How Hain Celestial Group Streamlined IT and Slashed Costs with LogicMonitor and AWS

Explore how Hain Celestial Group transformed its IT operations with LogicMonitor and AWS, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. Learn how their strategic partnership optimized monitoring, driving real-time insights and operational agility, while reinforcing their commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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Core Laboratories

alerts / 02.12.24

Core Laboratories: Pioneering reservoir optimization with advanced IT solutions

Discover how Core Laboratories revolutionized global IT infrastructure monitoring with LogicMonitor, ensuring operational efficiency, real-time alerting, and scalable solutions in the dynamic oil and gas industry.

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coca cola consolidated

accelerate growth / 02.07.24

How Coca-Cola Bottling Consolidated have revolutionized their IT infrastructure

Explore how Coca-Cola Bottling Consolidated boosts efficiency and customer satisfaction with LogicMonitor. Learn how their IT team streamlines operations, reduces downtime, and enhances network visibility, ensuring smooth delivery of products to millions of customers across 14 states.

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viking logo

alerts / 12.13.23

Minnesota Vikings

Professional football team, Minnesota Vikings use LogicMonitor’s application dashboards and custom alerting to reduce users’ struggles by 90%.

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john holland resource

AWS / 11.15.23

How John Holland achieved 40% cost reduction and 75% reduction in IT monitoring tools by switching to LogicMonitor

John Holland is one of Australia’s leading building, infrastructure, rail and transport companies with more than 5,700 employees working in Australia and New Zealand.

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aiops / 11.02.23

LogicMonitor on LogicMonitor

See how LogicMonitor realizes operational efficiency and reduces risk by using its own products.

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Henrico IT reduces alert noise by 90% with LogicMonitor

alerts / 04.05.23

Henrico IT reduces alert noise by 90% with LogicMonitor

The County of Henrico went from 5,000 daily alerts to three by reducing alert noise with LogicMonitor. Learn how it happened.

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