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Article / 11.17.23

Simplifying hybrid multi cloud complexity: LogicMonitor’s latest product innovations

Watch now to learn about our latest product innovations that deliver a cohesive and intuitive hybrid multi-cloud experience, helping customers easily monitor their growing environments and maximize productivity. 

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Article / 11.01.23

Navigating Observability Challenges: A Fireside Chat with 451 Research

Watch our webinar with 451 Research’s Sr. Analyst, Mike Fratto, and LogicMonitor’s Chief Technology Officer of Field Operations, Ben Radke, for a fireside chat as they discuss hot topics in observability, the value of hybrid, multi cloud observability, and how it can help you harness the full potential of your hybrid cloud investment. Hear examples of how companies solved observability problems with unified monitoring.

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aiops / 10.02.23

See how Dexda revolutionizes IT operations

Purpose-built AI from a trusted partner; Dexda offers contextualized data and observability capabilities that is a gateway to generative AI and unmatched digital experiences

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azure / 09.25.23

Azure Monitoring On-Demand Demo

Dive into the world of seamless monitoring with our on-demand LogicMonitor Azure demo. Watch firsthand the capabilities and benefits our platform offers

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Article / 08.24.23

Unlocking Intelligence & Extensibility: LogicMonitor’s Latest Product Innovations

Check out this on-demand webinar with LogicMonitor’s Chief Product Officer, Taggart Matthiesen, and LogicMonitor’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Bill Emmett, for a conversation about how our recent product innovations can help you unlock intelligence and extensibility in your hybrid IT environments.

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Article / 08.10.23

Navigating cloud migration: Why unified observability matters

Join our webinar with Constellation Research’s Vice President and Principal Analyst, Andy Thurai as he and LogicMonitor’s General Manager of Cloud and Logs, John Kim, discuss the importance of unified observability in harnessing the full potential of your hybrid cloud environments.

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AWS / 06.30.23

On-demand webinar: How to gain insights into your AWS data with LogicMonitor

Check out this webinar for a special fireside chat with Bennett Borofka, AWS Partner Solutions Architect, as they discuss gaining deeper insights from AWS data alongside your on-premises estate. You’ll also hear from a product owner at a major university about how they closed visibility gaps with LogicMonitor.

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accelerate growth / 05.26.23

On-demand Going Beyond Azure Monitoring with LogicMonitor

Check out this webinar for a conversation about gaining deeper insights from your Azure data alongside your on-premises estate with LogicMonitor.

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outages / 05.24.23

On-demand webinar: 7 mistakes companies make handling outages

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about the top 10 mistakes that companies make handling outages and how to avoid them.

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increase efficiency / 05.02.23

Fix it Fast: 6 ways LogicMonitor helps you reduce MTTR

Watch our webinar to learn how to identify common IT challenges that impact time to resolution and how LogicMonitor solves these challenges.

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