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Hybrid Observability Powered by AI

Proactively improve IT and prevent issues with SaaS-based automated monitoring that deploys in minutes with advanced features for infrastructure, applications and business services.
Less remediation, more innovation.

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Why AI is crucial to your hybrid observability strategy: LogicMonitor’s latest innovations

Discover how LogicMonitor is transforming IT monitoring with AI-driven hybrid observability. From simplifying complex IT ecosystems to accelerating incident response, their latest innovations empower organizations to thrive in the digital landscape.

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Simplify & Scale: LogicMonitor’s Latest Innovations

Simplify & Scale: LogicMonitor’s Latest Innovations

LogicMonitor’s latest product innovations deliver on our commitment to creating a unified experience, supported by a strong foundation in layered intelligence and hybrid observability.

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Evolution at the Core: LogicMonitor’s Transformative AI Empowers the Future

Dexda: LogicMonitor’s AI for Hybrid Observability Solution

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Future Further: How Data Illumination Futureproofs Your Business

Future Further: How Data Illumination Futureproofs Your Business

LogicMonitor’s exclusive ‘Future Further: How Data Illumination Futureproofs Your Business’ report validates the importance of having a universal monitoring platform for an unobstructed view through a single pane of glass no matter where you are in your cloud migration journey.

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Networking and Kubernetes

Networking and Kubernetes: A Layered Approach

Explore the latest networking trends, delve into the intricacies of Linux networking, and come to understand the challenges of deploying containerized applications in cloud networks.

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Gartner® Market Guide for Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

Gartner® Market Guide for Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

Currently evaluating on-premises monitoring solutions, hybrid cloud monitoring tools, or AIOps capabilities? The 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools is a great place to start. Fill out the form to view the full report.

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G2 Network Monitoring Software report

2023 G2 Network Monitoring Grid Report

See how LogicMonitor’s network monitoring stacks up in this comprehensive report by G2, the world’s largest B2B software review platform.

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Why LogicMonitor

Eliminate complexity with one unified platform


less alert noise

See only what you need, right when you need it. Immediate actionable alerts with our dynamic topology and out-of-the-box AIOps capabilities.



reduced MTTR

Real-time alerts without noise. Seamless pivoting between monitoring and investigation with unified data including integrated logs.

Reduce MTTR


to deploy

Transform your monitoring in minutes, not months. Automatic support, discovery, and dashboards for over 2000 types of infrastructure and applications.




We’ve built more monitoring integrations than anyone else, so you can integrate instantly with the devices, technologies, and services your business relies on.

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Our Trust Scores

Not just a platform. A true partner.

TrustRadius best of 2023
G2 2023 Best Usability Enterprise
G2 2023 Best Results Enterprise
G2 2023 Momentum leader

Rating from Gartner Peer Insights and Customer Satisfaction leader on G2


Rated “Excellent” and an “Editor’s Choice” by PCMag


The highest NetPromoter score of any IT Infrastructure Management provider


Innovate faster while improving efficiency

With LM Envision, you no longer have to balance risk with speed. We empower IT that allows organizations to innovate faster, knowing they can quickly identify signals that indicate problems even in production. Expensive performance bottlenecks are identified early, so customer experience is improved while compute requirements – and operations expenses – are reduced.

Trusted by leading companies

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coca cola consolidated

How Coca-Cola Bottling Consolidated have revolutionized their IT infrastructure

Explore how Coca-Cola Bottling Consolidated boosts efficiency and customer satisfaction with LogicMonitor. Learn how their IT team streamlines operations, reduces downtime, and enhances network visibility, ensuring smooth delivery of products to millions of customers across 14 states.

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Schneider Electric consolidates monitoring tools by 83% with LogicMonitor

Schneider Electric consolidates monitoring tools by 83% with LogicMonitor

Schneider Electric consolidated its monitoring tools by 83% after onboarding LogicMonitor’s observability platform. Schneider Electric, one of the most sustainable companies on the planet, is always striving to make energy better. This is done with the help of unified observability.

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Carrier Logo

Carrier Partners with LogicMonitor in Path to Unified Observability

Carrier improves visibility into hybrid infrastructure, reduces MTTR, and proactively pinpoints issues before they reach critical status through a single pane of glass view using LogicMonitor.

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