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LogicMonitor’s SaaS-based unified observability platform gives clarity across hybrid IT to meet key business demands. LM Envision brings teams together to quickly identify and solve problems across infrastructure, applications and business services. Innovate faster while improving operational efficiency for critical services.

2022 G2 Network Monitoring Grid Report

See how LogicMonitor’s network monitoring stacks up in this comprehensive report by G2, the world’s largest B2B software review platform.

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2022 G2 Network Monitoring Software Report

Readiness Assessment

Use this assessment to evaluate your IT Readiness and build a plan for improvement and optimization.

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IT Readiness assessment cover

LM Envision Solution Brief

LM Envision, a unified observability platform, brings together comprehensive monitoring capabilities and enables observability across data centers, public/private clouds, and applications. LM Envision provides correlation, context and clarity to understand the business impact and causes of complex IT incidents. Read the solution brief to learn more!

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LM Envision solution brief

On-demand webinar: Top 10 mistakes companies make handling outages and how to avoid them

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about the top 10 mistakes that companies make handling outages and how to avoid them.

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The only hybrid infrastructure monitoring platform that’s cloud-based and fully automated

Innovate faster while improving efficiency

With LM Envision, you no longer have to balance risk with speed. We empower IT that allows organizations to innovate faster, knowing they can quickly identify signals that indicate problems even in production. Expensive performance bottlenecks are identified early, so customer experience is improved while compute requirements – and operations expenses – are reduced.

Fuel for business acceleration

Peach uses LogicMonitor’s full-stack observability platform to visualize and monitor their entire infrastructure, saving crucial time and more!

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Reduce Complexity and Improve Usability

Itility Cloud Control uses LogicMonitor’s end-to-end application monitoring to provide a better, faster, and more cost-effective way to support their customers. Moving on from custom built monitoring solutions, ICC has scaled and grown their business and their offerings to customers by utilizing LogicMonitors out of the box functionality and seamless integrations.

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Itility Cloud Control Reduces Complexity and Improves Usability with LogicMonitor

Abrigo Maintains 99.99% Uptime With LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor has allowed Abrigo to replace all their infrastructure monitoring, with no need for any other tools. The LM platform handles configuration management, uptime, and gives unified observability into the entirety of their tech stack including cloud monitoring.

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