2023 G2 Network Monitoring Grid Report

G2 Network Monitoring Software report cover

See how LogicMonitor, Datadog, SolarWinds, PRTG and other top vendors stack up in this comprehensive report by G2, the world’s largest B2B software review platform.

This third-party comparison of network monitoring software is based on real customer reviews and dives into customer satisfaction ratings related to:

  • Ease of implementation (ease of setup, implementation time, and more).
  • Ease of use (ease of administration, usability and more).
  • Relationship ratings (ease of doing business, quality of support, and more).

Here’s what’s inside the report:

  • G2 Network Monitoring Grid: A comprehensive overview of the Nework Monitoring Software landscape from validated, third-party data.
  • Head-to-Head Product Comparisons: How the top network monitoring softwares stack up in terms of satisfaction, ease of use, implementation and ROI.
  • Real User Testimonials: Don’t hear it from us. Find out why other IT Pros are turning to LogicMonitor for modern performance monitoring.