Container and Microservices Monitoring

Get visibility into your microservices and containerized applications alongside the rest of your hybrid IT infrastructure in a single monitoring platform.

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Quote Mark Dark

Rapidly deploy container monitoring

LogicMonitor automatically discovers containers, microservices, and underlying resources, so you can save your team valuable time without having to worry about whether your monitoring is keeping up.

Now you see it…now you don’t

Containers and pods are ephemeral resources. It’s difficult to monitor a component that may appear (and disappear) quickly and unpredictably. To accurately track ephemeral resources, LogicMonitor employs event-based discovery, where cluster resources are automatically added and removed from monitoring based on Kubernetes events or changes in microservices

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Container monitoring features

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Automated discovery

Frequent and recurring discovery attempts ensure that your monitoring is always up to date. Metadata is automatically populated during discovery, so you have the contextual information you need when viewing and managing monitored resources.

Streamline workflows

Integrations with configuration management and orchestration tools helps LogicMonitor to seamlessly fit into your existing ecosystem.

Keep data for longer

LogicMonitor not only tracks, monitors, and alerts on dynamic services, but also retains that data for up to two years. This enables you to identify trends and forecast utilization over time.

Customizable dashboards

Create dashboards that provide an overview of your entire distributed infrastructure in a single pane of glass. Export dashboards to and import dashboards from template format to make dashboard creation easy and scalable.

Intelligent alerting

Distinguish service-impacting alerts from non-service impacting alerts, and reduce how often you get woken up in the middle of the night

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Keep applications healthy

Get long-term views into how a group of resources supporting a common application are performing and correlate performance trends with events.

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We have integrated LM into our everyday work. The app is the first thing we look at in the morning, all our team members keep at least one of the customizable dashboards on their desktops at all times.

Sean F.

Infrastructure Manager, CDK Global

Dynamic services monitoring

Monitoring built for highly dynamic services

With LogicMonitor you can dynamically group together containers and other ephemeral resources supporting a common microservice, enabling you to focus on the health and performance of the overall service, regardless of changes in underlying resources.

containerized application monitoring

Keep your containerized applications healthy

With containers, organizations need insight into the performance of their applications that are running in containers, as well as the health of the underlying container resources and orchestrating components. To get the most out of their deployment, LogicMonitor presents these insights alongside your organization’s existing monitored hybrid infrastructure in a single, unified platform.

Single pane of glass view

Customized dashboards for deeper insight

Get deeper insights with customizable dashboards and reports that enable you to create meaningful views for your container and microservices environments. Share at-a-glance views of your container and microservices environment with stakeholders to keep them informed.

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