No one likes to work in silos

Modern enterprises have hundreds of data streams incoming from thousands of outputs, while being monitored by siloed admins, architects, analysts, and engineers. LM Envision connects the sprawl and provides full visibility to deliver superior IT performance.

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LM Envision Solution Brief

LM Envision, a unified observability platform, brings together comprehensive monitoring capabilities and enables observability across data centers, public/private clouds, and applications. LM Envision provides correlation, context and clarity to understand the business impact and causes of complex IT incidents. Read the solution brief to learn more!

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LM Envision solution brief

A buyer’s guide to modernize your monitoring

Check out this buyer’s guide to learn more about today’s IT landscape, what to look for while evaluating a monitoring vendor, and how to modernize your monitoring

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On-demand webinar: How to eliminate tool sprawl without causing a rebellion

Check out this webinar to learn about the causes of tool sprawl, why Ops teams struggle with it, and how to solve these challenges within your organization.

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Leave legacy in the past

Many enterprises rely on legacy tools that do not provide complete, unified visibility into the applications and services that they deliver. LM Envision is the single solution that delivers modernized monitoring to empower your Ops teams. It will improve and evolve their day-to-day operations while enabling innovation and resiliency.

LogicMonitor vs. the competition


Legacy vendors

e.g. SolarWinds, CA Broadcom

Point solution

e.g. Nagios, ScienceLogic


e.g. Datadog, Splunk

  • Application microservices
  • Log analysis
  • Cloud infrastructure & Saas applications
  • Container & pods
  • Single set of APIs
  • Single role-based access control
  • Single data platform and visualization
Three quarters
  • Network devices
  • On-premise servers
  • Storage
  • Virtual machines
Three quarters
  • Automated onboarding
  • Prebuilt integrations
  • API-based data collection
  • Customizable dashboards
Three quarters
Three quarters
  • Data discovery and analysis
  • Open collection
  • Data de-silozation
  • Data management
Three quarters
  • Cloud provider health
  • Resource and performance inventory
  • Spend data monitoring
  • Cost monitoring and chargebacks
  • ROI Analysis
Three quarters
  • ML-based anomaly detection
  • Intelligent alerting
  • Guided troubleshooting
  • Context-based view
  • Automated key processes
  • Remaining secure
  • Delivering responsive support

Make modernizing matter

See how LM Envision paves the way.

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Future-proof your business

  • Alleviate manual effort with automated onboarding for new devices and resources
  • Monitor every team and system within a single platform
  • Get immediate insights without impacting productivity by teaching your tech stack to recognize new devices and automatically apply data
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Be the source of insight and action

  • Consolidate monitoring across all of your IT infrastructure and applications stacks
  • Make adoption and deployment easier with 2,000+ OOTB integrations, agentless monitoring, predefined threshold analysis, and OOTB dashboards and reports
  • Resolve problems quickly with a single source of truth
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Bring diverse IT and development teams together

  • Manage common data onboarding and exploration across infrastructure, application, and IT stacks in one place
  • Shared, contextual IT data leads to better and faster decisions when triaging service availability
  • Meet business demands with the market’s only SaaS-based unified observability platform that enables today’s digital enterprises to adopt a cloud-ready operating model
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Successfully transform IT without risk

  • Detect potential deficiencies with billions of metrics and data points from thousands of IT devices and resources
  • Take action with AIOps Early Warning alerts to troubleshoot service availability before they occur to prevent future issues
  • Foster productivity and innovation with contextual, correlated data from your entire tech stack

Hear what our customers have to say

“It takes an order of magnitude less time to implement and administer versus other products such as SolarWinds. This alone is sufficient justification for cost savings. On top of that, the flexibility and detailed information the product supplies makes it a no-brainer.”

Director Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company

“LogicMonitor allowed us to consolidate all of our alerting and monitoring to one system and we now have one version of the truth. It also allows us to hold our vendors and partners accountable with data backing up our anecdotal findings from users.”

IT Manager Non-profit

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***DISCLAIMER: Feature comparison is based off of each vendor’s most recent version available as of December 1, 2022. Information is based off of data collected from public websites and forums, analyst papers, and product datasheets.