Virtual Machine Monitoring

LogicMonitor provides in-depth, agentless monitoring of your entire virtualization stack in a snap – whether your VMs are in public or private clouds or in your own data centers. Automatic discovery of virtual machines, hypervisors, and hosts – requiring no manual configuration or additional hardware – provides in-depth analysis and visualization within minutes.

End-to-end monitoring for your virtualized infrastructure

LogicMonitor removes the guesswork from your VM strategy by automating the monitoring of your entire virtualization stack. Monitor all your virtual machines in a single pane of glass, even if you’re monitoring thousands of clusters in multiple data centers across the globe.

vmware dashboard

Improve VMWare performance and service health

LogicMonitor provides comprehensive monitoring of VMware vCenter, vSphere, VCSA, ESXi, Horizon, and more. Our agentless collectors go beyond baseline performance monitoring to map the dependencies of your VMs, the applications running on them, and the backend infrastructure your VMware services rely on. Intelligent thresholds built on machine learning warn you of impending issues affecting your virtual machines and provide recommendations to improve performance and meet your SLAs.

hyper-v dashboard

Maintain and optimize your hypervisors for flawless deployments

The hypervisor is the core of Hyper-V; understanding the interplay of physical and logical processors, memory usage, and pressure is critical to managing resource utilization. LogicMonitor provides comprehensive visibility into Hyper-V, whether deployed on-prem or cloud, with pre-defined alerts and root cause analysis to help you alleviate issues quickly.

nutanix dashboard

Easily monitor hyper-converged infrastructure

LogicMonitor’s Active Discovery continually looks for new virtual machines on your Nutanix hypervisor host. LogicMonitor discovers any new instances in minutes with no additional configuration required. Instantly survey CPU, memory utilization, storage IOPS/latency, and network throughput performance of top VMs quickly identify outliers and potential misconfigurations.

Providing uptime and reliability to over 2,000 global companies

vmware vcenter

Mission-critical VM Monitoring Metrics

Easily monitor and improve Virtual Machine performance within a single system. Whether your resources are hosted on-premises, in the cloud, or in multiple geographic regions or data centers, LogicMonitor provides a single pane of glass view for all the metrics that matter.

  • Visualize and share critical metrics in user-friendly, drag-and-drop dashboards with a range of widget styles
  • Correlate critical VM metrics to other aspects of your infrastructure, including networks, storage, and log data, to rapidly perform root cause analysis that will improve MTTR
  • Get real-time alerts to optimize resource utilization and prevent capacity issues across storage, memory, and CPU
  • Prevent alert storms with intelligent thresholds, SLA monitoring, and escalation chains tuned for your environment

Prepare for maximum VM cost savings

The continuous growth and usage of VMs can negatively affect application performance and server operating times. The result? Wasted time, money, and resources. Using LogicMonitor’s out-of-the-box under and over-utilized resource dashboards, you can:

  • Right size your virtual machine infrastructure in-real time to reduce excess capacity and save money
  • Quickly identify the virtual machine resources taxing performance and causing issues in your environment
  • Automatically prevent service-impacting problems with automated monitoring and AI-based alert thresholds

Virtual Machine monitoring that anticipates outages

Not all heroes wear capes. With powerful AI features built-in, keeping your virtualized infrastructure optimized and available has never been easier. Detect issues sooner with dynamic thresholds, reduce MTTR with root cause analysis, proactively prevent issues, and plan future resource allocation with automated forecasting. Because it’s not just the technology underneath, but what we do with it that matters.

  • Dynamically generate topology maps that show how VM data flows among complex resources
  • See alerts within your other infrastructure to streamline troubleshooting and reduce MTTR
  • Pinpoint anomalies that occur for a monitored resource and compare that anomaly to key historical signals

Hybrid-cloud ready

Whether you’re running virtual machines in data centers, fully in the cloud, or a mix of both, LogicMonitor has you covered. Thinking about cloud migration? LogicMonitor’s approach will give you unparalleled visibility into all your virtual machines, no matter where they reside. With LogicMonitor, you can control all of your virtual machines from anywhere, including:

  • Data centers
  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
gcp compute engine

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our customers are saying

Track your company’s network and devices with LogicMonitor.

It’s great since we don’t have to install bothersome agents on the devices or hardware that we want to monitor. I didn’t even need to consult the instructions or contact customer support when I wanted to add a device; the process is simple and easy to follow.

Feb 12, 2024

Edwin Leonard

Senior Software Engineer

Matrix Networks

The tool for strategic Managed Services partners

SolarWinds had the big breach just as we left it. We loved how powerful it was, and how customizable – however, it is an ON-Prem tool, and as a growing MSP, that dynamic didn’t and couldn’t scale.

Nov 21, 2022

Ali Gaeta

Manager of Managed Services

Internetwork Engineering

Help businesses spend less time on manual tasks and consolidate existing tools

LogicMonitor dynamically scales with our network’s growth. Whether we add new devices or expand into the cloud, the platform adapts seamlessly, eliminating the need for constant manual configuration. Excels in providing comprehensive visibility into our network infrastructure. It auto-discovers devices and monitors various network components, including servers, switches, routers, and cloud services.

Sep 22, 2023

Evan Rachel

Social Media Analytics


Go beyond monitoring with award-winning customer success

Our monitoring platform is exceptionally easy to deploy and manage, helping you work easier, faster, and smarter. But LogicMonitor is not just a platform; we are a true partner. Leverage our 24×7 support or utilize custom LM Professional Services engagements that cover a wide range of customer needs and onboarding goals, designed to enable faster and more successful deployments.

2023 LogicMonitor badges

The ease of installing this on the network and getting this working with the environment from NSA to VM to WIFI switchers, The support team always goes the extra mile.

Garth M MS Engineer, Infrastructure Managed Services at NTT

“The built-in alerts are fantastic! Other solutions I’ve used typically collect the data. Then I go in manually and create alerts. With LogicMonitor, I have hundreds of built-in, pre-configured alerts ready to go with the ability to tune a single object, a group, or the entire organization.”



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