Cloud migration

Cloud migration doesn’t have to be hard. Shifting your legacy, on-premises technology to flexible, cloud-based services with little to no downtime requires an observability platform that can map and monitor both legacy and cloud-based systems side by side. LogicMonitor ensures you have the real-time data you need for a seamless migration to the cloud. Whether public or private, partially on-premises or entirely in the cloud, LogicMonitor clears the way to hit your deadlines and meet performance requirements.

What is Cloud Migration?

More and more enterprises are moving some or all of their data center infrastructure into public cloud-based services like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure. Others are making cloud-to-cloud migrations to switch between providers or bolstering their multi-cloud strategy with secure, private cloud services. Whatever the reason for your cloud migration, LogicMonitor is here to help.

Cloud Migration benefits

LogicMonitor helps you get the most out of your move to the cloud

Meet customer requirements and deliver next-gen services

Business agility is a critical reason most organizations push for digital transformation and cloud-based services. As business requirements and industry dynamics change rapidly, cloud services allow you to spin up services on-demand without a lengthy scoping process for new hardware and installations.

This dashboard provides an a listing of various metrics that are monitored for Azure Billing Service. The metrics displayed are total cost for previous month, cost per account, advisor recommendations, cost by operation, cost by region and cost by service

Consolidate data centers and reduce overall TCO

Another reason organizations migrate to the cloud is to create breakthroughs in managing their operations and capital costs. When infrastructure exists outside your own data center, you do not need to spend money or cycles upgrading infrastructure hardware, renting co-location space, or hiring additional staff to maintain your environment.

a logicmonitor dashboard showing SLAs and uptime for MSPs on a graph view

Deliver quality services in the cloud

Moving to the cloud presents new challenges and opportunities for delivering uptime and performance that exceeds your stakeholders’ expectations. Gain insights on both cloud performance and the infrastructures that rely on the cloud.

Cloud isn’t one size fits all

Cloud computing unlocks countless benefits and is an essential step on the road to Digital Transformation. But there is no one-size-fits-all playbook for migrating to the cloud. Here are the challenges we most commonly see (and solve) for our customers.

Challenge 1:
Dynamic cloud environments are fast and flexible, but rapidly changing costs can take organizations by surprise without proper oversight.

Challenge 2
Not all applications or services can be migrated to the cloud, requiring disparate systems to maintain and optimize hybrid environments.

Challenge 3
Vendor lock-in prevents fast transitions from one cloud provider to the next and is often a drawn-out and costly project.

Challenge 4
The performance and availability of your app in the clouds isn’t automatic – you need insight into cloud performance to optimize how you architect and operate on the cloud.

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