Cost Optimization

Deliver highly available and efficient services and applications while managing costs.

Simultaneously balance performance with cloud costs, get detailed multi-cloud billing visibility, and provide elevated service levels backed with the reassurance of always-on monitoring.

Empower Ops teams to make confident decisions with cost control layered into hybrid observability.

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Explore Cost Optimization

Get started quickly using observability insights collected by LogicMonitor.

Cloud billing

  • Quickly get complete, detailed views into Azure and AWS costs in a single view
  • Analyze where spend is allocated with filtered tags such as account, region resource type, and more
  • Easily interpret cost trends and uncover where, when, and why cloud billing changes occurred

Cloud recommendations

  • Take action over your cloud resources with cost savings opportunities without impacting performance
  • Enhance the value of cloud investments with AI-powered storage and compute recommendations
  • See clearly presented resource provisioning, capacity, and utilization recommendations that balance business performance with costs

Cost optimization benefits

Rightsize resources

Stop overpaying for overprovisioning

Assure migrated resource performance with the right cloud infrastructure. Drive down the cost of operations and ensure smoother cloud transitions.

Constant monitoring

Let LogicMonitor do the heavy lifting

We observe your infrastructure and cloud resources, and use that telemetry with the power of the LM Envision platform. Stay confident that recommendations dynamically refine and align with business needs.

Empower Ops teams

Go beyond built-in CSP cost management

Get granular, multi-cloud billing insights. Slice and dice cloud bills using normalized tags to know exactly how cloud bills are segmented. Ensure that your observability data actively guides recommendations.

Powered by AI

Confidence to implement resource changes

LogicMonitor is constantly monitoring and alerting where it matters. Click a live link to resources connected to recommendations, to immediately inspect recommendations using the supporting observability data before you decide to take action.