Reduce MTTR with unified logs and metrics

Everyone defines MTTR a little differently, but it all comes down to fixing problems and freeing up time to innovate. Whatever it is, fix it fast with LM Envision.

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Free up to 40% of engineering time by removing labor-intensive analysis


Experience up to 80% faster troubleshooting and RCA with centralized log data


See 99% noise reduction of log data with root cause search capabilities

Reduce MTTR with modern monitoring & proactive data

To keep MTTR at a minimum, you need efficient Ops teams, empowered by knowledge and time. But it can be a process. With LM Envision, reduce MTTR by understanding connectivity across IT environments and remove guesswork at every step. Know exactly why a failure occurred and quickly identify, fix, and learn to maximize service availability.

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Monitoring alone is no longer enough

With hybrid and multi-cloud IT environments, Ops teams are forced to switch between tools and sift through siloed data streams.

The complexity lies in knowing how to find the problem and equip the team with the right data to investigate and troubleshoot.

  • Overwhelming IT metrics and alerts that don’t correlate to the underlying issue
  • Tool sprawl results in artificial inefficiencies and longer MTTR
  • Siloed IT and log data prevents quick and accurate troubleshooting
  • Too much IT and log data becomes difficult to analyze and makes it nearly impossible to pinpoint issues
  • Legacy monitoring solutions leave gaps in IT health

Resolve issues once and for all

Monitor cloud, networks, applications, services, log data, and more in one unified platform.

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Streamlined ops workflow

  • Single monitoring solution enables IT teams to work efficiently
  • No more swivel chair between monitoring and logging solutions to troubleshoot
  • Pivoting from metrics to logs in-context allows investigation of log data until insights are found
  • Access IT health metrics, with log data for a specific device or resource just one click away
  • Identify issues–and fix them instantly–with all of that data in one place
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Make sense of your data

  • Access historical log data instantly with hot storage and use simple searches to analyze it
  • Onboard faster with easy log data ingestion and analysis
  • Create predictive log alerts by easily reviewing past issues and associated anomalies
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Reduce noise with relevant alerting

  • Use anomaly detection to surface issues that require immediate attention
  • Proactively troubleshoot in tandem with infrastructure alerts
  • Give logs access to all IT practitioners to reduce unnecessary escalations
  • Save important log searches to create metrics for expanded alerting
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Intelligent log-based anomaly detection

  • Algorithms automatically analyze every element of log data events at the time of ingest for immediate triage
  • Gain 360-degree visibility into logs with anomaly detection for any device, system, cloud instance, or K8s pod
  • Focus on impactful, performance-related activity without having to decipher between normal and abnormal events

Fix it fast with unified logs and metrics

Watch a webinar about how you can reuce MTTR with logs

LogicMonitor makes life easy for the IT professionals like us. It has a proven record of IT Infra monitoring to notify IT admins before the issue arise. It also helps in troubleshooting the issues the way it reports with alerts.

IT Specialist, Medium Enterprise Industrial Manufacturing Company 3rd-party-verified by TechValidate TVID: E58-789-61A

After filtering the crazy number of metric alerts we have tuned LogicMonitor to give us only relevant information for our team. This makes MTTR much faster.

Network Engineer, Medium Enterprise Retail Company 3rd-party-verified by TechValidate TVID: 344-98A-BDB

LogicMonitor has allowed me to drill deeper into device problems and see what are causes, instead of just showing me that the device is down. This increase troubleshooting and allows me to resolve issues much faster.

Network Engineer, Large Enterprise Retail Company 3rd-party-verified by TechValidate TVID: A9D-28B-895

LogicMonitor is helping us with root cause response time. It is also helping us focus on better response to how we approach recurring errors.

Director, Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company 3rd-party-verified by TechValidate TVID: A12-BC8-3A2

We’re in the inception of setting up LogicMonitor for our organization, but it has already streamlined alerts and collected logs from a variety of event sources across the network. It has provided a ton of visibility into things that were previously obscured and difficult to manage with a distributed organization.

Systems Engineer, Small Business Food Company 3rd-party-verified by TechValidate TVID: 3C2-E7B-501

Don’t take our word for it. Hear it from the source.

Simple Effective Event Log and Resource Monitoring/Alerting tool

LogicMonitor is used by our organization to actively monitor servers and cloud infrastructure for both events and resource utilization. Our main objective is to use the tool to detect and alert IT staff of anomalies or other potential downtime that could impact our customers and employees. LogicMonitor is currently deployed to key infrastructures such as VM hosts, domain controllers, critical servers, and Azure resources such as VMs, Frontdoor, Kubernetes, etc.

Nov 21, 2022

Aaron Nielson

Security Systems Architect


LogicMonitor has been a homerun!

LogicMonitor is great for organizations needing to get better visibility into their IT Operations and those needing to reduce workloads so that their IT teams can focus on more strategic projects.

Jul 01, 2022

Zachary Brand

Senior Director of Connected Solutions Delivery


LogicMonitor: Highly Recommended

LogicMonitor has well-developed out-of-the-box alert thresholds and very effective and flexible notification delivery options

Jun 28, 2022

Michael Dieter

Senior Systems Engineer

Loyola University Maryland

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Explore how unified logs and metrics helps fix it fast