LogicMonitor for Manufacturing

Manage IT and OT holistically to drive innovation and change for your business with LogicMonitor’s unified observability platform.

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Manufacturing industry: IT trends, challenges and solutions at LogicMonitor

Gain full visibility for your modern enterprise with LogicMonitor’s powerful monitoring platform – from your IT infrastructure to the edge.

One platform for unified observability


Eliminate context switching between IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Log Management products by correlating relevant logs with metrics in a single platform with out-of-the- box integrations (or via any custom log source).


The most comprehensive monitoring platform with coverage for >2,500 different technologies spanning network, cloud, containers & applications.


Never miss an application error, improve code quality, and diagnose and fix issues faster. Gain insight into the performance of the entire app stack, from code to cloud, to ensure a flawless customer experience in agile environments.

LogicMonitor lets us predict issues and intervene before users are affected or need to report a problem themselves. The platform’s alerts and reports mean there are fewer outages.


Improve uptime and reduce outages of critical infrastructure

Improve uptime and reduce outages within your business by centralizing alerting, reducing alert noise and identifying the root cause of an issue. Allow for quicker remediation of faults before they impact your service.

Intelligent automation & RPA

Automate repetitive processes with RPA around order processing and logistical operations. Further, apply RPA to other time consuming processes to drive better employee satisfaction and productivity.

Maintain uptime of digital twin environments

Accomplish advancement with LogicMonitor’s IOT and AI to mirror physical environments in a digital framework. Achieve product innovation by improving processes, reducing downtime and waste, improving customer experience, and ensuring these models are populated with the right data.

Gain visibility and maximize return on investment

Manage a broader breadth of coverage from LogicMonitor as your business leverages new technology alongside supporting older IT hardware and systems. As operating systems go end of life, gain excellent return on investment by reducing costs and improving uptime.

This dashboard provides an overview of SLAs. The metrics displayed are Linux server status, network resource availability, all device availability, storage availability, vm availability, host availability, HTTP availability, uptime over time availability
Site availability graphed and monitored

Trusted by:

Secure by design

LogicMonitor’s platform is secure. The following are just some of thernways LogicMonitor ensures user and systems security:

Secure architecture

RBAC, 2FA, Encryption of data in transit and at rest

Secure data collection

Only outbound comms allowed from LM Collector, data encrypted with TLS, LM Collectors securely locked to your environment.

Secure operations

Collectors based on hardened Linux with perimeter and host-based IPS, operated out of top tier DCs and AWS regions, all with top security measures in place.

Secure practices

Minimal personal data stored, device access credentials stored in memory and never written to disk, salted one way hashes used in place of user passwords.

Secure standards

Constant penetration testing ensures maximum security, SOC2 validates our controls for security, high availability and confidentiality.

We have absolutely seen a return on investment with LogicMonitor. We have a very good, stable environment as a result of LogicMonitor, and the information that it provides us keeps us on top of our game, making sure that our environment is operating at peak capacity.


Single pane of glass for IT and OT

LogicMonitor marries visibility into your traditional and cloud workloads with your IOT and production systems to allow you to troubleshoot and optimize the system as a whole.

Extensive breadth of coverage across on-prem, cloud and containers

  • 2,500+ integrations
  • Rapid release cycle
  • 350+ new or updated data sources released last year
LogicMonitor Overview Takeout View

Simplified extensibility into IOT

  • LM Exchange offers a library of integrations to bring you out-of-the-box monitoring for networking devices, applications, databases and services
  • A centralized view of integrations available in LogicMonitor’s global repository
  • Custom monitoring templates with rapid protyping capabilities

AIOps to forecast and identify anomalies

  • Intelligently detect service-impacting signals from noise, making signals more actionable
  • Ensure the right team members are informed via SMS, email, chat or ITSM integrations
  • Identify the root cause of an outage and put an end to alert storms
AIOps to Forecast and Identify Anomalies
Log Processing pipelines

Centralized logs and metrics

  • Connect log data to IT performance to meet and accelerate business objectives
  • Free up to 40% of non-value adding engineering time with log-based anomaly detection
  • Solve changing industry needs for control over context-rich log data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

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